6th Birthday Recap–Part 1

Noah’s sixth birthday celebration started a couple weeks early because Nana was in town and, well, why not celebrate??  While Noah was at school, we decorated the playroom.  When he got home, we blindfolded him and brought him upstairs for a surprise party!




IMG_8924Noah’s big present from Nana and Papa was an Xbox and Kinect sensor!! Super fun!!

So, we had a pizza party complete with ice cream pie and played Xbox for hours! 

IMG_8928Make a wish!

Here is a video of Noah playing the next day (and Garrett wanting to play along):

If you have never seen how this works, the sensor detects the player, and everything is done by your own body movement – no handheld controllers.  Here, Noah is playing “Downhill Dodge”. It’s a lot of fun!

Stay tuned for more birthday fun!


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