On the mend

Garrett got pretty sick this week – a bad combination of RSV, bronchiolitis, croup and a double ear infection.  The poor kid was miserable.  We were at the doctor 3 times in 4 days; steroids, antibiotics, breathing treatments = the works!  Because of his prematurity, he has gotten shots all winter to help prevent RSV.  His doctor said, had he not gotten the shots, this could be a whole lot worse. 

Today, I am happy to say that we seem to be on the mend.  Garrett slept all night, and while he is still wheezing and coughing, he’s smiling!  Before Noah and Daddy went to church, Noah was trying to make Garrett laugh.  It really is the best medicine (that, and love from your big brother!)






There’s that smile we’ve been missing!


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