Our Ohio Visitors

Last week, Noah and Garrett’s Aunt Kiki and Cousins Jon & Hannah came down from Ohio for their Spring Break.  Nana and Papa came up from Florida on their way back to Ohio.  It was a really fun week!

IMG_4242Garrett meeting Aunt Kiki for the first time

IMG_4246With cousin Hannah

IMG_4250Noah wanted to hold baby also

IMG_4265Cousin Jon and the boys

IMG_4268Jon taught Noah how to play hockey on Xbox

IMG_4270This one speaks for itself

IMG_4273Garrett loved his quality time with Nana

IMG_4281Dinner with our one-of-a-kind centerpiece Winking smile 

IMG_4291 Nana and Hannah came to Kindermusik with us.

IMG_0940Noah on the swings with Papa Joe after school. 

Y’all come back soon!


Singing in the Rain

A few weeks ago, Noah got new rain gear from his very generous Aunt Connie.  When it arrived in the mail, he was so excited to put it to use…just one small problem – there was no rain. 



No rain?  No problem! 

Noah knew exactly where to find rain!



Fortunately, a few days later, it DID rain, and Noah got to use his new gear OUTSIDE!  Thanks, Aunt Connie Smile


I was eating lunch on the floor the other day while Garrett was hanging out in his bouncy seat.  He was staring at me like he wanted what I was eating, so I decided to share my pickle, assuming he would then think twice about drooling over my food.  I was wrong – he loved it!!  He is teething, and so he was trying to take a bite out of it with his gums Winking smile 




Hmmmm…now what else can I feed him??

Creepy Critters Reptile Night

Last Thursday was Creepy Critter night in our neighborhood.  Greg and Noah went to see the reptiles, and I was shocked to see what was on the camera when they got home!  They had a ball and are still talking about it!

IMG_4138Noah with friends, Kelly and Ginny

(I wish we could see what Kelly sees here!)

IMG_4144An iguana

IMG_4151Baby alligator


Helping hold a 12’ Burmese Python

IMG_4165Noah picking up a turtle

IMG_4170Yes, that snake is wrapped around our four year old son! 

Can you say BRAVE!?

IMG_4171Daddy holding a 50 lb. African Tortoise!