A Fully Charged Weekend

On Saturday, on the spur of the moment, we decided to go see the Ringling Brothers circus that was in town, and it was FULLY CHARGED!

IMG_4021We got there early and were able to see the pre-show, including an elephant painting a picture with it’s trunk!


Asia and her masterpiece


Mommy with the boys, waiting for the show to start. 


The tight-rope act was so impressive.  Not only does this girl do the splits up on the wire, but guys jump over each other, landing on the wire.  And this next feat was just incredible…

IMG_4051I think I was holding my breath for them!

IMG_4058There were 14 VERY well trained tigers in the show.  At the end, one even hopped away like a bunny on its hind legs!

IMG_4060This one had a little bit of an attitude Winking smile 

IMG_4068Noah’s favorite part of the circus was the snacks!


IMG_4074Noah’s second favorite part was the elephants





If you have been around me the past couple weeks, you probably know we debated for a while about whether it was worth it to spend the money on the circus, and would Noah sit still to watch the show.  Wow!  Was it ever worth it!  Garrett napped only for the intermission, and it really might have been the Greatest Show on Earth!


A Little Kitchen Help

For the most part, Garrett is a very content baby.  He doesn’t mind being put down, he doesn’t demand to be held, and for that I am thankful.  However, sometimes it’s fun to tote him around to do household chores.  I like to have him help me cook dinner – I explain what I’m doing, and he gets to see the world from a different perspective.  Maybe he’ll become a chef someday Winking smile


Movie Night

For Christmas we got a 3D TV, and we had yet to watch something in 3D – that is, until last night!  Noah had a good week so we let him stay up late, and we watched A Turtle’s Tale.  Before the movie started, he was most excited about the popcorn and M&M’s.  Once the movie started, it was fun to watch him reach out toward the screen to try to catch the fish and other ocean critters.


Getting him to wind down after the movie was a challenge, but it was worth it to see how much fun he had Smile

Garrett Swings!

I took the boys up the playground after lunch today to enjoy the beautiful Spring-like weather we’re having.  As I mentioned in a previous post, Noah doesn’t need help anymore for the swings, so I was trying to think of something to do to entertain Garrett while Noah was swinging away.  LIGHTBULB – The swings!  He loved it Smile 

G swinging 2

Hey! This is pretty fun!

Noah was excited that little brother shares his love of swings and so wanted to join him:

G Swinging

P.S. Noah got stuck trying to get out Winking smile

Happy Valentine’s Day

When Noah woke me up on Valentine’s day, I asked him how my little valentine was.  He looked at me and declares, “Mom!  Valentines are paper and can’t move!  I move so I am not a valentine!  I am NOAH FONS!”  Funny little boy Winking smile 

Here are some cute pictures of our littlest valentine:

IMG_3991Don’t break my heart! Please say you’ll be my valentine!

IMG_3999There’s the smile we know Smile



We hope your day was full of sweet treats!