Garrett’s Ticklish


The Rhythm of the Season

Noah joined the other kiddos at church on Christmas Eve and performed two very special songs a the Christmas Eve service.  He was a little shy at the first practice, and we wondered whether he would actually sing on Christmas Eve, but he had a blast! We were so proud of him Smile 

Noah practicePracticing

(I think it helped he was sandwiched between buddies Tyler and Ella Rae)

Soccer Star

I wrote a couple months ago that Noah had tried out soccer at a free clinic, and he really liked it so we signed him up for the winter season (Thanks Nana and Papa!).  His first game was last week, and he loved it!  He was most excited about wearing his soccer socks:


Winter soccer is indoor, so the place we play is a multi-purpose gym.  Noah asked Daddy to help him try out some of the equipment before practice:


IMG_3432Who’s getting more exercise, Noah or Daddy?

There are only four kids on Noah’s team, which means that each child gets a lot of time to play.  They named their team the Spidermen. (Sounds like 4 year old boys, huh?)

Noah practicing:

Greg has been helping out with coaching (raise your hand if you didn’t see that coming), and Noah loves the extra time with Daddy.  This week, he wanted to show off to his friends just how cool his Daddy is:

IMG_3479Can your dad do that??



And now we’re off for a couple weeks until the New Year.  We can’t wait for more soccer fun!

Come On Ring Those Bells!

Noah had his school Christmas performance this morning, and he was SO excited to get up on stage and sing!  It’s always cute to see the kids and their little personalities.

Noah’s class designed their own Christmas shirts made with their handprints.  Imagine Noah’s surprise when he came downstairs this morning and saw Quirky wearing the shirt, all ready to go to school!

IMG_3483Quirky even has Noah’s crocs on!

And we snapped a couple more pictures before school of the boys in their Christmas clothes:

IMG_3491Yes, Santa – we have been VERY good!


Noah took this picture of me and Baby Garrett Smile


We’ve been spotted!

And now for the singing!!  Well, we shouldn’t really call it singing – more like hand movements and chiming in occasionally!

(I apologize for the coughing in the background on the second two videos – that was me trying to shake this nasty bug!)



Santa Claus is comin’ to … Reunion!

Just as is his tradition every November, Santa made his annual visit to Reunion to check in with the kiddos, have pictures taken and hear a long list of wishes.  Noah really got into it this year and debated back and forth for days about what would be the ONE gift he would ask Santa for.  His decision…A GIANT EXCAVATOR


So, dressed in new Kermit the Frog pajamas, Noah confidently walked in to see Santa and gave him this picture.  He told Santa he had been a good boy and would keep listening to Mommy and Daddy. Noah also picked out a toy for Garrett (Noah flagged us on asking Santa for diapers for Garrett). Garrett was in good spirits when he met Santa for the first time, so all around – a good visit!

IMG_3285Waiting our turn to see Santa

Noah Garrett Santa 2011

Fam Santa 2011

Here comes trouble!

You may remember Noah’s elf named Quirky that comes around Thanksgiving time and stays until Christmas.  He is supposed to be reporting Noah’s behavior to Santa, but it seems that Quirky always finds himself getting into trouble around the house. Here are a few snapshots of what Quirky has been doing in the Fons house:

IMG_3356Enjoying a bowl of cereal

IMG_3358Knitting Christmas gifts

IMG_3359Making pumpkin cookies
(Noah declared this “NOT naughty” – Please don’t tell Santa on Quirky!! We got COOKIES!)

IMG_3381He dumped all the puzzles
(This seemed like a better idea the night before we had to clean them up!)

IMG_3450Napping in a tissue box

IMG_3454Stealing presents from under the tree, making his get-away on Noah’s tricycle.



There’s nothing like a naughty elf to make a little boy look well behaved! Noah is a shoe-in for the “NICE” list! We can’t wait to see what else Quirky gets into!