Good Morning, Friends!

Garrett is such a happy morning baby.  In his nursery, above his changing table, he likes to look at the wallpaper.  Every morning he talks to his friends on the wall as though he is telling them all about his night.


Thanksgiving Prep

This year we will be celebrating Thanksgiving at home, just our new little family of four.  It’s exciting because I get to make my FIRST Thanksgiving turkey!  I love to cook, so I feel that with a little help from the boys, I am up to the challenge.  On Wednesday, Noah helped me get some things done that would make our Thursday morning run a little smoother and give us extra time to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Smile 

IMG_3325Mixing up the herb butter for the turkey

IMG_3326Noah was SO excited that he got to use the mixer for the pumpkin pies

IMG_3328Can we taste it yet?

IMG_3330Garrett’s help was equally important!

Can’t wait to count our blessings and fill our bellies tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Feast!

We went to a Thanksgiving Feast yesterday at Noah’s school.  The kiddos made special shirts, head dresses and necklaces to dress up like the Native Americans. They even prepared a special surprise song for the parents.  The feast was a great reminder that we have so much to be thankful for! 

photoNoah in his costume

(Not quite sure the Native Americans wore Crocs!)

For the next picture, the kids told Ms. Sue and Ms. Michelle what they were thankful for.  Other answers were “My Mommy and Daddy” or “God” – this was Noah’s response when asked what he was thankful for:

photo1I suppose we’re all thankful for garbage trucks if we really think about it Winking smile 


Garrett slept the whole time, just like the Halloween Party!


photo2Noah sizing up his cupcake

And finally…the performance:

Albuquerque Turkey

(I had to email Ms. Sue last week to ask what Noah was singing in his room – it sounded like Apper Turkey)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Falling leaves means FALL indeed!

There are certain things which mean Fall is finally here – falling temperatures, falling leaves and, of course, the “FALL BACK”! The time change has been a shock to us, as I’m sure it is every year, but we never quite remember just how dark it is by dinnertime! Greg typically gets home from work by 5:00 and does something fun with Noah while I make dinner.  But in the last week, they have found themselves playing in the dark.  Noah’s new “FUN” activity has been raking leaves, and I giggle when he wakes up from his nap asking if he can rake leaves when Daddy gets home. Let’s hope he never catches on!




Neighbors, we can send him your way for a nominal fee Winking smile

Diggers and Dump Trucks and Bobcats, Oh MY!

Noah has been watching the construction equipment at his school/church for weeks now as they move around dirt to get ready to build a new building.  This has caused great excitement every day we go, speculating about what the diggers will be doing today.  Last week, after we got home from school, Noah was playing quietly on the screened porch while I worked on loading the dishwasher.  After a few minutes, I figured he was playing a little too quietly, so I went to see what he was up to…

IMG_3162He told me his digger and dumptruck brought in the dirt…

IMG_3163…Then his bobcat got to work pushing the dirt around!

Leave a kid and his imagination alone for a while and you may be surprised what they come up with Smile

Big Brother, Little Brother

Quoting Kelly Fons:  “Now I will say that I won’t dress them in matching outfits at the same time…”

Yeah, so that didn’t last long.  Actually, to be honest, this has been in the works for a long time – ever since I bought these shirts over the summer. It was so sweet to see them finally wear them Smile 









I’m keeping these pictures so I can show them in a few years how much they really love each other Winking smile


Friends of ours loaned us a Bumbo for Garrett to sit in, and he LOVES it!


It’s good for Noah because they get to sit next to each other – Noah wanted Garrett to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with him.


Trying to get Garrett to smile for the camera, I was a little crooked – oops! It looks like he’s ducking down for me instead of falling!


He would give me these little smirks, and then when I put the camera down, he gave me the BIG smiles (sigh)


I sure do like sitting up Smile 

This next picture made me laugh – foreshadowing (and he really was pointing at Noah):


(Look at those fat rolls!)