Not yet, Garrett!

Last Saturday, I reached a BIG milestone in my pregnancy – 32 weeks! 

32 Weeks32 week belly Smile 

However, on Tuesday night, my contractions started to come closer together and didn’t stop with medication like they had before, and we decided we needed to go to the hospital to get checked out. 

My doctors decided that it was best if I stay in until Garrett’s scheduled date (Sept. 6th) … or if he decides to come sooner.  So, that’s where we are.  While it’s difficult to be on hospital bed rest, I am in a very comfortable room with extremely friendly nurses/staff. The food is surprisingly yummy. And the best part is that I get at least two very special visitors every day:


This guy knows Mommy is going to give him a sweet treat when he comes to visit each afternoon – YUM!

IMG_1725Noah helped the nurse blow up my special mattress for my bed.

Noah and Daddy even brought our countdown chain from home!

IMG_1727Only 24 days to go!


Noah also brought some of his special artwork from Summer Camp to decorate my room.

IMG_1736Noah and Mommy watching a Thomas & Friends on Netflix

It made me sad when Greg told me that Noah prayed at bedtime for “Mommy and Garrett to come home soon” but I know that day will be here before we know it – just a little longer!


Curtain Envy

When we were putting Garrett’s nursery together, we put up room-darkening curtain panels.  Noah promptly told me that he wanted curtains in his room also because he wants his room to be just like Baby Garrett’s.  I told him we would get him curtains (meaning, of course, sometime in the undetermined future). Well, from that day forward, he asked for them just about every time he went into his room – he thought he would be getting them immediately.  Finally, we got around to getting his curtains (and painting his room), and he was thrilled! A few railroad decorations on the walls, and we’ll officially have a Big Boy Room!


Noah still LOVES his Big Boy Bed


Okay, now I can sleep better Smile

Countdown to Baby

When Nana and Great Grandma were in town, they made a paper chain to help us count down to Baby Garrett’s scheduled arrival on September 6th.  With just 34 days to go, Noah has done a great job of tearing a link off the chain every day to keep track of the days!

IMG_1693I can do it ALL by myself!


IMG_1696It’s one less day, Mommy!

IMG_1697 I’m almost a BIG BROTHER!!

Little Mower

Noah must have noticed that the grass was growing a little long in the back yard and decided to take matters into his own hands.  Noah, armed with his garden gloves and John Deere mower, took to the yard and started mowing!

IMG_1684Getting all the settings right

IMG_1686Taking a break (He looks SOOOO old here!)

IMG_1690Very thorough, he even mows behind the tree


Now if we can just teach him how the actual mower works, I think we might have an arrangement Smile