Garrett’s Lodge

It’s fun for me to see how Garrett’s room has evolved.  It started out that I didn’t want to change the paint color in the room – this matched the bedding we had for Wyatt and Jack, and our sweet neighbors painted for us during my last pregnancy.  While, I couldn’t use the same bedding that Wyatt and Jack had, I knew the colors had to stay the same.  Enter good friend, Misty, with very creative decorating taste and a very “outside the box” thinker.  She came over one day and told me (while “meditating” in the room) that she saw a lodge theme, and that’s how the ball started rolling.

Greg, (Noah) and I had put the crib together, and when Mom and Gram were here, they helped tie all the other pieces of the room together – including the very tedious project of putting the “Wallies” on the wall.

IMG_1604What attention to detail!

IMG_1606Aunt Connie and family sent some stuffed animals that made themselves right at home in Garrett’s Lodge

IMG_1609It’s coming together!

IMG_1614Noah took this picture of Nana and her finished Wallie Work Smile


A Very Special Visit

Last weekend, Nana and Great Grandma came to visit for 4 days.  Noah was a little shy at the beginning of their visit, but by the end, they were inseparable.  Noah uttered the words that will melt any grandmother’s heart, I think, “Do you HAVE to leave?”

IMG_1603Noah and Great Grandma spent a lot of time reading together

IMG_1615Big hugs goodbye.  See you soon!

Play Date at INK

Last week, to avoid the heat, we went on a play date with our friends Ella Rae and Alden to a children’s museum called Interactive Neighborhood for Kids (INK).  Ella Rae and Alden are members, but this was Noah’s first time to go, and he really had a lot of fun!

I didn’t get pictures of every room they visited in the neighborhood, but they have a post office, hospital, beauty shop, pizza parlor among many, many more.  Here were a couple of Noah’s favorite hot spots.


Their little grocery store has just about every product you could want.  Noah filled his cart with laundry detergents Winking smile 

IMG_1473This model train was really fun because you could make different pieces move or light up, based on the buttons on the outside.

(We came back to this one several times)

IMG_1475You know he was thrilled to see this giant, colorful train!

IMG_1476Noah learning to milk a cow (real liquid comes out!)

IMG_1478Checking out the old-fashioned fire engine

IMG_1480Noah liked all the levers and buttons on the control panel inside the plane.


On several occasions, Noah brought me back to the grocery store.  He finally discovered you could “check out” your own groceries.  He learned about barcodes and figured out how to make the scanner beep.

One thing I wish I would have gotten a picture of was Noah, Ella Rae and Alden playing in the pizza parlor.  They had a ball serving their mommies!  

It was a fun day!

Silly Big Brother

I have mentioned before that Noah is excited to be a big brother to Baby Garrett. He is constantly having a conversation with my belly, and that includes telling stories, singing songs and making silly faces (always following it up with the question, “Did Baby Garrett love that?”).  On this day, I happened to have the video camera close by when Noah put on one of his performances for Baby Garrett.  The funny thing is that Garrett actually seems to respond when the antics start Smile 


2028 Summer Olympics??

Greg has been taking Noah to the pool just about every day after work if the weather is decent.  And, wow, this kid LOVES to swim!  I went Saturday morning to see the progress Noah had made, and I was just so proud of them!  You have to see this!


Happy 4th of July!

This morning, Noah and Daddy participated in our neighborhood’s annual 4th of July Parade (or as Noah calls it: The Bicycle Race!)  We decorated his tricycle, and he made 6 laps around the green!  He had a lot of fun watching the other kids in wagons, on bikes and scooters Smile

IMG_1496Decorated bike – ready to go!

IMG_1500Noah was kind enough to put his hat on for one picture

IMG_1501Mommy sat in the shade and watched the parade

IMG_1505I think they’re on lap 4 or 5 Winking smile

We hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July!