Mr. Meatloaf

Noah has gotten to be a little bit of a picky eater lately.  But on this day, because he helped make the turkey meatloaf, he “gobbled” it right up (pun intended!) His favorite part was painting the ketchup on top.

IMG_1466Caramelizing some onions for the meatloaf – Noah enjoyed smelling them

IMG_1468Who wouldn’t love to paint with ketchup?

YUM Smile


Baby Garrett’s Crib

Noah is always such a big helper, but when it came to setting up Baby Garrett’s crib in his nursery, Noah’s excitement was off the charts!  The room we chose for Garrett is the room that would have been Wyatt and Jack’s.  I know they’re just as excited as Noah for Baby Garrett to join us!

IMG_1445This elephant used to be Noah’s…he said Baby Garrett could have it so he doesn’t get scared at night.


IMG_1449“Do you think I’ll fit in here?”


Big helper!

Well, despite Noah’s help, we got the crib put together in just about 3 hours Winking smile 

More pictures to come as we finish the room!

Summer ‘Cation!

We have been planning a little getaway vacation for a while, but with the way I had been feeling and the contractions I had been having, we were wondering if we should put off the vacation until after Baby Garrett joins us. Over the last week and a half, I have started to feel better.  So after several promises that I would heed the doctor’s restrictions and not do anything more than sit in the shade and drink water, I received the blessing to change my scenery and enjoy our vacation!

We weren’t far from home – about an hour and a half to Lake Oconee in Greensboro, Georgia – to the Ritz-Carlton Lodge at Reynold’s Plantation.  We will definitely have to go back when we can take full advantage of their facilities – jet skis were not on the agenda for this visit 😉 And because they weren’t busy during the week, we got a complimentary upgrade to a suite on the club level = free food around the clock is like heaven-on-earth to an expectant mom!


 IMG_1350 Can you tell Noah is ready for the trip??


IMG_1356 Our room had 2 balconies – Greg saying “hello” from the other side 😉


IMG_1357 The view of the lake from our room


IMG_1358 The fire pit where they roast s’mores every night


IMG_1362 Making our way down to the pool


IMG_1364 Pausing for a picture


IMG_1379 Daredevil Noah



Noah and Daddy on the balcony chatting about their first day of ‘cation



Noah was so tired he ate dinner in bed


IMG_1398  The next morning, we strolled down to the beach.


IMG_1403 Mommy needed a rest – Noah pushed me on the swing


IMG_1409 Setting up the umbrella


What Noah will tell you was his favorite part of ‘cation was the “Linger Longer Express” – a small choo choo that drove around the property.  Noah got to ride it several times!


Pretending to drive the engine


IMG_1437 The engineer sure fits the part (and the train plays Johnny Cash music!)


IMG_1427 Noah and Daddy relaxing in the infinity pool – where does the pool end and the lake begin??


IMG_1430    Hi Mommy!


IMG_1412 Building a sandcastle



“Mommy, I brought you a flower!  Wanna smell it?”



“When can we come back??”

I’m asking the same question, Noah 😉