This summer is turning out to be a little different than I had envisioned it.  A few weeks ago I started having contractions on a daily basis, and so my doctors have suggested it is better for me and Baby Garrett to rest as much as possible and avoid doing strenuous things (Such as taking Noah to the pool by myself!).  Thanks to the generosity of Aunt Connie and Grandma Linda, we got a new pool for the back yard as well as a LOT of really fun pool toys! 

 IMG_1230 Noah’s new favorite toy is a $2 cement mixer from Target (he puts anything that will fit into the back of it) – it goes in the pool, sandbox AND he sleeps with it at night! 


IMG_1235 Trying to ease his way into the new pool – he decided the water was too cold


IMG_1238 As Noah dumps water into his wagon, he doesn’t realize there are drains in the wheels 😦


IMG_1240 Trying to plug the holes


IMG_1241 Wait!!  There are holes on BOTH sides??


IMG_1244 Braving the pool again, he goes for the sprinkler


IMG_1250 And then he jumped right in!





It was so fun the first time, he did it again and again and again!


Thanks Aunt Connie and Grandma Linda!  I think it’s going to be a fun summer 🙂

(A double helping of “thanks” Grandma Linda for blowing up the pool!!)


Little Knitter

Last week Noah saw me working on some knitting and INSISTED he give it a whirl!  I told him I thought it might be hard for a little guy.  He wouldn’t hear of it!  So, I got him a large pair of needles and some spare yarn, and he got to work.  It actually entertained him for about 2 hours – don’t know why I didn’t think of this before 😉



IMG_1225  IMG_1226

So on this day, we only succeeded in creating the biggest tangled ball of yarn ever seen, but we’ll work on it – we have Christmas presents to start on!

Last Day of School!

It’s so hard to believe that Noah is already finished with school for the year!  It seems like just yesterday that we went to the open house in the fall!


IMG_9150 Open House – September 2010


Last Day of School – May 2011

Noah has been very excited about the last day of school, talking constantly about “summer ‘cation” – I think he thought it was a place we actually go to.  I finally explained it just means he gets to spend more time with Mommy 😉


When I came in for his party, Noah borrowed my camera to take pictures of his teachers and his friends:


Ms. Debbie showing her sweet smile

(Yes, Noah took this picture!!)



Noah’s silly friend, Avery


IMG_1194Ms. Laura passing out the very special scrapbooks that she and Ms. Debbie made for us. 


The first page I open, I see this…

Noahs 2 year old class001

When I put Noah’s BIG hand on this TINY hand, the tears started flowing! 

The book is so beautiful, I wish I could share every page with you.  


After lunch we were hoping to have a “water day” outside, but the high temperature for the day was only in the mid-60s = Brrrrr!  At the last minute, a mom in our class ordered a bounce house for the kids to play in (THANK YOU!!)!!  They had the best time ever!!



He almost couldn’t get to the slide fast enough!



You can just see how much fun he’s having!


Thank you so much Ms. Laura and Ms. Debbie for making it such a great year!  We have truly been blessed with such talented and caring teachers.  We will miss you!

Rock-a-Bye, Lovey

Last week we got a video monitor for when Baby Garrett comes.  I decided to test it out in Noah’s room (we never had a video monitor for him – sound only).  I was completely entertained, watching him settle down as he fell asleep.  Who needs television?!

The cutest thing was that Noah took a blanket, swaddled his lovey and then rocked him “to sleep” before he laid him down on the bed.  The next morning he brought swaddled lovey downstairs to show me what he had done. 



Then Noah asked me if Baby Garrett had a lovey.  I told him that he didn’t yet, but that we were going to pick out a lovey for him.  Noah said Garrett could have his lovey.  Awwww!  Does it get any better??


(Someone remind me of this generosity of spirit a couple years from now when they’re fighting over toys!) 😉

The Pool is OPEN!

The pool actually opened on April 30th, but we waited a few days before braving that chilly water.  Noah doesn’t seem to notice it’s cold at all!


 IMG_1177 Noah had fun playing with Kelly at the pool


IMG_1178 Yep, it gets colder the deeper you go!


IMG_1182 Pretending to water the plants


IMG_1183 I love the pool


IMG_1186 Sharing with Kelly (It’s HER toy!)



Supervising to make sure she does it right 😉

Little Kicker

A couple weeks ago, Grandma Nancy came through town with Aunt Connie, Cousin Alex and Chip on their way to Charlotte.  Noah spent some time in the back yard, showing Grandma how to kick a ball.

 IMG_1091 Playing soccer with Grandma and Pacey


IMG_1097“It’s easy, you just do this…”



Noah posing with his visitors – Chip, Cousin Alex, Aunt Connie and Grandma Nancy


Incidentally, Noah has improved a lot on kicking a ball.  I wish I would have gotten it on video, but he used to declare, “Watch THIS!”  He would step back and start running at the ball, swing his foot up, only for it to skim the top of the ball, causing him to fall backwards…very much like Charlie Brown only without the help of Lucy 😉


Have scooter, will travel!


On Tuesday, Noah got a very fun delivery from the UPS man.  A scooter from Nana!  Because he had a really good day at school, we let him play with it right away, and he was thrilled!


IMG_1162 He knew enough to put his helmet on, but I think the backpack was a little much.


IMG_1165 It took him no time at all to figure out how to work it


IMG_1167 Taking a rest


IMG_1172 Noah was literally saying, “No pictures, please!” – like I’m the paparazzi!



Thanks Nana!!!  I love it!


On a funny side note, Noah came home from school on Thursday and asked for a “surprise”.  I reminded him that he already had a piece of gum after school, what else would he like.  His answer : “Um, maybe a scooter or something.” Maybe we need to revisit the idea of rewards or this could get really expensive!  😉