Couch Potatoes

Noah’s Cousin Hannah and Aunt Regan came to visit for their spring break (they are both in 3rd grade in Ohio).  They stayed for 4 days, and Noah had a ball! Unfortunately, I didn’t take many pictures while they were here, but here is a cute one of them watching Team Umizoomi together – Noah loves his fellow couch potatoes:


IMG_0883 Hannah, Noah and Regan having a PJ Party


Backyard Play-date

Back in March, Little Kelly and Kate had us over for a backyard play-date.  Noah had a great time, as usual, but the best part was the Barbi Jeep!



Noah having a snack with the girls


IMG_0871 Riding the “sit and spin” with Kate


IMG_0873 Misty was so relaxed to let the kids drive the Jeep – Noah has NO experience with anything like this!


IMG_0878  Taking sister Kate for a ride


We eventually had to put the Jeep away as more kids showed up and friends were getting run over, but it was great fun while it lasted!

Blog Rewind

Well, the bad news is that I have gotten behind on the blog again.  The good news is that I have plenty of material to share with you from the last month!

Since the weather has warmed up, Noah has enjoyed taking his bike outside (Yes, throughout the winter, he rode it in circles through the kitchen, family room and dining room! With unbelievable precision, he could weave to avoid an open dishwasher like a pro!)

 IMG_0859 Safety first!


IMG_0864  Here we go!


IMG_0866 Not sure why he’s holding a bubble in his mouth 😉