Okay, so I’m puzzled. I asked Noah if he wanted to do A (ONE) puzzle with me the other day.  He couldn’t decide which one he wanted, so he pulled them all out – at the same time!  Because he’s new at doing puzzles, you can guess who ended up figuring out which piece went with which puzzle 😉

 IMG_0824 I don’t know who I’m kidding – he has MISCHIEF written all over his face…he knew what he was doing!



“Come on, Mom, you know you want to clean it up!”


A Visit From Grandma

A couple weeks ago, after visiting Noah’s Aunt Gigi for her chemo treatment, Grandma Nancy came to spend a couple days with us before heading back to Wisconsin.  Noah had a ball with her!

 IMG_0780 Noah made coffee for Grandma in the morning

IMG_0788 Grandma brought a fun puzzle for Noah, and they had a lot of fun working it together.


Saturday morning, Grandma, Daddy and Noah went to Noah’s favorite playground because it was a pretty day.

IMG_0797Daddy jumps while pushing Noah on the swing


Noah’s working on his balance

IMG_0805 Rock climbing

IMG_0808 On the see-saw with Grandma

IMG_0811 Back at home, they had fun playing in the backyard…


…ESPECIALLY the sandbox, where they pretended they were pirates!

Thanks for a fun visit, Grandma Nancy!  We hope to see you again soon!

Rainy Day Fort

Spring in Atlanta brings rain storms and the inevitable tornado warning.  On one rainy afternoon, we built a fort in the living room and pretended we were hiding from the storm.  When the tornado warning actually came, we headed to the basement (which Noah thought was the COOLEST!)  Fortunately, we made it through the storms unscathed, and we have some really fun memories!

 IMG_0821  Our very sophisticated chair/blanket fort


IMG_0823Mommy got a little extra Noah snuggle time in the fort :) 



Even the next day, Noah wanted to build it again so he could pretend to sleep in it.

Happy Birthday, Friend!

A few weeks ago, we went to a birthday party to celebrate a very special friend of Noah’s – Ella Rae.  If you thought he was excited that it was Ella Rae’s birthday, he was equally excited that the party was at Monkey Joe’s! 



Ella Rae 3rd Birthday Card - Page 001

Our card for the birthday girl


IMG_0721 Noah and his buddy, Sutton, took turns driving the car.


IMG_0726 As always, Noah was a little apprehensive about hugging Monkey Joe


Okay, now look at the next two pictures and tell me who looks more scared:


IMG_0740 What a brave boy!


IMG_0742 Noah was trying to feed Hailey pizza



What a fun party!  Thanks for inviting us, Ella Rae!  Happy Birthday!

Dr Fons in the House

A couple weeks ago, I came down with a bad case of bronchitis, and Noah was so good at nursing me back to health.  He even found my stethoscope I keep in a drawer, and brought it out to listen to, um…pretty much everything but my heart and lungs. 

 IMG_0748 He actually just liked making circles on the blanket with the bell



Don’t tell me I’m doing it wrong! I’m the doctor!

We’re BACK!

Hello, blog followers.  I’m SO sorry we haven’t posted in a while.  Things have been a little crazy around the Fons house, but I think we have a pretty good reason:



Noah’s new sibling is expected to arrive around Labor Day.  Noah is excited about having a baby.  He says he wants the baby to sleep in his bed with him (good thing we have 5 months to talk about baby safety!), and he’s excited to see how big my belly gets…aren’t we all?  So now that the first trimester is behind us, I’m starting to feel normal again – hopefully we can keep up with this blog 😉