Praise Town!

Noah’s school had Praise Town today where they learn about different community helpers by rotating through various parts of the town (bakery, pizza parlor, vet clinic, etc.).  Each child dresses as a community helper, and Noah chose to dress as a CHEF!



Our little community helper 🙂


(Thanks, Grandma Nancy, for the Thomas apron!)


The Princess and the Butterfly

Noah went to spend the morning at Ella Rae’s house last week for a play date.  Silly me to think Noah would be playing with little brother Alden’s trains the whole time.  No!  He and Ella Rae played DRESS UP!  Thanks, Anne, for capturing these priceless pictures 😉

 DSC_0146 Noah wearing a tutu (notice the high heel, open-toed shoes!)


DSC_0149 Ella Rae is the Princess and Noah is the Butterfly


DSC_0152 Here comes the butterfly!


DSC_0154 Now Noah is the princess and he’s taking care of his baby





Thanks for having us over, Ella Rae and Alden!  Noah obviously had a great time!!

School Birthday Celebration

On Tuesday, I brought cupcakes to Noah’s class at school so we could celebrate his birthday.  He knew I was coming, but he was so excited when I showed up (and I brought his new train friend, Molly with me!)

 IMG_0680 Waiting patiently while we sing “Happy Birthday”


IMG_0681 Friends singing


IMG_0682 He’s a pro at blowing out candles now


IMG_0686 I think it’s in the kids’ rule book to eat a cupcake top-down


IMG_0689 Cheese!



Noah was spinning around the classroom during music time!


Thanks Ms. Laura and Ms. Debbie for taking the time to help us celebrate 🙂

Birthday Monkey

For Noah’s birthday, we took him to Monkey Joe’s.  It was a rainy January day, and surprisingly we nearly had the place to ourselves. His sweet friends, Ella Rae and Alden (and their Mommy), joined us, and we all had a blast!

 IMG_0613 Papa Joe testing out one of the slides 😉


IMG_0616 Noah showing off his somersaults


IMG_0621 Nana went down the slides, too!


IMG_0626 We raced, he won (but I think he cheated!)


IMG_0629 Papa!! You have to come here!


IMG_0633 Racing up the wall


IMG_0653 Two peas in a pod!


IMG_0657 This is a big slide – I wonder if we can do it…


IMG_0659 Let’s go down together!


IMG_0662 Ella Rae, Noah and Alden loved the Cat in the Hat’s car


After a couple hours of running, jumping and sliding, we went to Chick-fil-a for Noah’s birthday lunch and a birthday ice cream cone!


IMG_0674 Ooh, it’s COLD!



Silly ice cream face!


After lunch, we had to take Nana and Papa to get the train to the airport.  Noah was so sweet after we dropped them off.  He said, “I miss Nana and Papa!  I want them back!”

What a fun birthday!

Cooking Up Some Party Fun!

Noah loves the movie Ratatouille, and so we chose that as his theme for his birthday party:

Noahs 3rd Birthday Invitation (2) - Page 001

Noahs 3rd Birthday Invitation (2) - Page 002


The theme of the party was “Anyone Can Cook!”  And with a group of 3 year olds, we proved that statement to be true!



Nana and Papa were in town for the birthday celebration, and so Noah enjoyed helping Nana with the veggie tray among other preparations.

 IMG_0469 Cupcakes?  Check!


IMG_0471Mommy helping Noah get his apron on



Donning his chef hat (Thanks, Aunt Connie!!)



Ready for the party!

As the kids arrived, Noah greeted them at the door and gave them their aprons and hats.


“Welcome to my Birthday party!”



The “little chefs" were dropped off by their parents – the parents returned later for the “second seating” lunch.

(I think Chef Kelly was the only one who wore her hat the entire time!)


IMG_0491  We started out by cooking up some Play-doh fun – burgers, ice cream and pizza for everyone!


IMG_0485Chef Sutton and Chef Noah making hamburgers

After everyone had their food prep practice with play doh, we moved to the kitchen to prepare our lunch.  The kids made their own pizzas, and we assembled fruit skewers (although more fruit got eaten than skewered!)

  IMG_0493 Chef Tyler getting ready to make his pizza


IMG_0499 Chef Gabriel brushed his crust with olive oil


IMG_0503Chef Noah’s turn


IMG_0508 Daddy and Papa helped the little chefs with their masterpieces


IMG_0514Chef Sutton sneaking some cheese before his pizza was baked



Pizza time!

(It was so cute to hear all the kids together sing the blessing before eating – I wish I had my video camera out!)



After eating, all the kids got the giggles…



And then it just got sillier…




Chef Kelly was telling them to use their inside voices!


Papa Joe serenaded Noah with “Happy Birthday” when it was time for cupcakes



After going to a number of birthday parties, Noah was thrilled that it was finally his turn to blow out a candle!



Chef Sophia knows how to eat a cupcake!


After the sweet treats, Papa Joe gave violin lessons:






The kids started to get a little crazy when the moms showed up (or maybe it was the sugar rush).  Either way, I loved it!  I really think all our little chefs had a good time.  Thank you to all our guests for helping to make Noah’s third birthday unforgettable!  Y’all come back now, ya’ hear?