Happy 3rd Birthday, Noah!!

I can’t believe it’s been three years already since Noah entered the world, red-faced and crying.  



January 31, 2008

5:12 PM

You weighed 7 lb. 13 oz and were 20.5 inches long



Noah, you bring us more joy than you will ever know!  Happy Birthday with all our love!


I can dress myself!

I guess being three is synonymous with independence because Noah wants to do everything by himself!  He has recently become proficient in putting his clothes on by himself, so now he likes to pick out his clothes and put them on – ALONE!  Because he can do this, and we tell him he’s a big boy, he got himself into a little bit of trouble the night before last.  I went in to check on him before I went to bed.  I saw a nighttime pull-up on his dresser and thought this was peculiar because it wasn’t there when we put him to bed.  I took a peek under his PJs…sure enough, he had undressed himself, taken off his pull-up and put on underwear – backwards – and then put the PJs back on.   He told me he was a big boy and didn’t need a diaper at night. So after a good giggle, I promptly re-dressed him in his pull-up.

The next day, his obsession was with my fluffy socks:

 IMG_0442 Noah, that doesn’t really match…

(He repeats what you say, “Doesn’t match?”)


IMG_0443 Noah, that REALLY doesn’t match (Trains and Dinosaurs with Polka Dot socks!)! 

He’s climbing up to check himself out in the mirror



Maybe an appointment to get his vision checked??

The Friendly Dragon Returns

Noah dressed up as a dragon for Halloween two years ago.  On a dreary winter day, he came across the costume in his closet, and he has resurrected the Friendly Dragon!



Then, instead of just wearing it around the house, reminding us when we pretend to be scared that it’s just Noah, he wanted to take the Friendly Dragon on a bike ride.




When that wasn’t bizarre enough, he added the sunglasses:


  I truly think this winter weather has made us all crazy!

The Best Part of Waking Up!

For Christmas I picked out a gift for myself – a Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker.  Greg (not a coffee drinker) wondered how it was different from the coffee maker I previously had which seemed to work just fine.  I explained that when you need caffeine in the morning, the fewer steps involved in making coffee, the better.  So I set forth on an experiment to prove just HOW EASY it is to make coffee with this new gift – Noah can do it!

 IMG_0430 Noah puts the K-cup in and closes the lid


IMG_0431 We push a button and wait



“Momma, you’ll have hot coffee in less than one minute!!”


Now it’s the highlight of his morning; as soon as we come downstairs, he pulls a chair over and says, “I make you coffee!”  What a sweet boy!

Arctic Cat

Part of Kitty’s normal morning routine is to go out on the screened porch after he eats his breakfast.  Monday morning was no different – well, except that everything on our screened porch was covered in snow!


 IMG_0382 Kitty is begging to go outside


IMG_0383  Looking back, “Hey!  What happened to my porch?!”




It didn’t last long – he circled right back to the door!  He kicked his feet with every step so he could brush the snow off!


Since then, we’ve found Kitty curled up on just about every bed in the house, trying to keep warm!

Winter Storm 2011

Well, I can say this has probably been the strangest weather week we’ve seen in the 8 years we’ve lived in Georgia.  It started last weekend with a threat of “big snow” (which Greg and I didn’t believe, after having grown up in the north).  Sure enough, the snow started Sunday night, and it delivered everything the weathermen promised.  We got about 6 inches by us, which doesn’t seem like a ton of snow, but Atlanta just doesn’t have the equipment to clear it, and the temperatures haven’t been above freezing.  So, if you’re trapped by the snow, what else is there to do but PLAY IN IT!!

IMG_0387 Hey!  This stuff is DEEP!



Daddy and Noah measuring the snow


While they were outside, Daddy and Noah went sledding down a hill by our house.  Noah is very proud to say he went down by himself! 



  After Noah’s first trip outside, he was very cranky about being cold.  I tucked him under a blanket with his Lovey, and he drank a cup of hot tea. 


Well, the next day, the snow was STILL here, so Noah wanted to try it again!


IMG_0394 Daddy was able to shovel the driveway by borrowing a shovel from a neighbor

(I think everyone on the street borrowed the same one snow shovel!)


IMG_0395 The snowy neighborhood


IMG_0397 The creek behind our house was very pretty in the snow



Greg and Noah filled the bird feeder in case the birds couldn’t find food in the snow.  I’d say it was a hit!


IMG_0404 This pretty cardinal was taking a rest in Baby B’s tree 🙂



By the second day, the snow was icier and easier to pack to build a snowman.  Noah was very proud of their creation!


While we really enjoyed our special, unexpected week of family time, I think Greg will be happy to get back to work today, and we will look forward to some thawing as the temperatures get above freezing.  We’re southerners now – we need some heat!

A Gymboree Birthday Party!

Noah went to a birthday party for his friend, Addison, over the weekend at Gymboree.  It’s been a while since we’ve been there, but Noah picked right up where he left off – HAVING FUN! 

 IMG_0367 Noah and Hailey had a lot of fun playing together!



How chivalrous!



  You’re never too big to have fun!



Working on his monkey bar skills with Daddy’s help (it’s still a little tough)!


IMG_0378 And the parachute!!!


Thanks, Addison – we hope you had a very happy 2nd birthday!