Celebration Fall Party

On Thursday, Noah’s school went “all out” to have a big fall party.  We rode a hay ride, picked pumpkins, went trick-or-treating, did a Halloween craft and then ate yummy goodies!  Of course the kids wore their costumes, and they were too cute!


 IMG_9623  Daddy took the day off work to take part in the festivities with us.  Here we are in the carpool line.


IMG_9625Ms. Dayna, the preschool director, always greets us with a smile :) 


IMG_9628 Noah and his friends waiting for the hayride


IMG_9629Sweet Ella Rae dressed up as Dorothy



“Hay” there!


IMG_9624The pumpkin patch


IMG_9650 Noah had trouble just choosing ONE!


IMG_9652 Still looking…


IMG_9656 Swinging with their pumpkins


IMG_9659Yep, this is the one!

(Since we have gotten the pumpkin home, he carries it around everywhere!)


IMG_9666 Checking out his loot after trick-or-treating. 

Somehow his candy mysteriously disappeared while his back was turned 😉


IMG_9670 Craft time with Ms. Laura – they painted their hands three colors to make…



Candy corn!


Happy Halloween, Celebration friends!  See you next week. 


Little Racer

Noah got a package this week from Grandma Nancy and Grand-pops.  Well, wouldn’t you know there was a costume in there!  Noah was ecstatic about having something else to wear around the house other than normal clothes!  I think we’ll have him wear this for trick-or-treat. 

 IMG_9617 Ooh, I like THIS!

IMG_9618 Mama, I’m a race car driver!


Please tell me I don’t have to take this off!

Reunion Fall Festival

Over the weekend, our neighborhood had their annual fall festival.  It was a beautiful day, and we all had so much fun!

 IMG_9540 Noah was so excited to see the bounce house with slide. 



“Let’s do it again!”

He had so much fun that after a while, I had to crawl in the bounce house to get him out 😉


IMG_9544 Monkey Joe was even there!

Noah also got to ride a pony and then we tasted all the chili in the Chili Cook-off (Noah just ate a bowl of shredded cheese – good Wisconsin boy!).  We went to the bake sale and Noah went on the Bus Fair (a school bus with ball pit, zip line and other fun games inside).  Noah cried when he spent one ticket on a box of popcorn and then spilled it in the trash because he wanted to see it POUR!  All in all, there were more smiles than tears, and we can’t wait to go back next year. 


IMG_9546 Happy Fall, Y’all!



Daddy had a tennis match Saturday morning also, so we got to watch him play a little tennis (they won!)

Halloween Mommy and Me

Monday we went to our annual “Mommy and Me” Halloween party in our neighborhood.  We read Halloween stories, sang songs, paraded through the meeting house.  We also had a Halloween craft and snack.  It was so fun to see all the kids dressed up.  Noah dressed like his favorite character:


IMG_9576 Thomas: “Hello everybody!  Welcome to the Island of Sodor!”


IMG_9578 Noah even brought some of his special train friends from home.


IMG_9581 Happy


After a few minutes of trying to push his trains around the meeting house in his costume, Noah decided the costume was too much of a hindrance for the work that needed to be done.

IMG_9593 Costume free!


IMG_9598 Noah loves his girl, Hailey. As soon as he saw her, they started playing ring-around-the-rosie


IMG_9603 Little sister, Hannah, joined in too!


IMG_9604 She did NOT want to be left out 🙂



Snack time!

Football Fun

Last Sunday, a group of adults from our church challenged the youth to a friendly game of football.  Greg went out to play, and Noah and I went to cheer him on.  It was a little tough because Noah didn’t understand what the “field” was and so wanted to run with Daddy.  So as a distraction, we played on the playground 😉


Going up


IMG_9526  Here I come


IMG_9528 Yet another physics lesson to be learned on the playground – static electricity



Go Daddy!

Carpool Pals

Last week, I dropped Noah off to sit with girlfriends Hailey and Hannah in the carpool line while I went to get a much-needed massage.  Their mommy took a picture of Noah being a good friend.  Now he won’t stop asking, “Noah go in Hailey’s car?”


Noah in Carpool with Moffett Girls

Ooey gooey pumpkin!

“Ooey gooey” is apparently the technical term of what you scoop out of a pumpkin when you have a little guy helping with the work.  Last year we didn’t carve pumpkins, so this is the first time Noah was able to really take part in this fun Halloween tradition.


IMG_9550 Up from a nap and ready to work (after a snack, of course)


IMG_9552 “Ooh Mama, ooey gooey in there!”


IMG_9554 Noah tries the scooping but decides he doesn’t really like it


IMG_9557 He got distracted by running “big black choo choo” up my arm while I did the dirty work


IMG_9560 Showing Daddy how the lid works


So, maybe Noah wasn’t ready for pumpkin carving.  Instead, he and Daddy went for a pizza while I got down to business.  Voila!  The finished product:



Neighborhood pumpkin judges, we’ll be ready for you Thursday at 8!