On the mend??

We’re going on a week now with this yucky bug and Noah’s still under the weather, but he’s starting to want to do things other than sit on the couch and watch TV, so I think that’s a good sign!  Before I show you what he did this morning, I forgot to post these pictures from when Noah first got sick…

 IMG_9317 Friday night, Noah wanted to take his temperature…



…And of course, Lovey’s (tough because Lovey has no ears)

But this morning, Noah got up and wanted to paint.  It was so much fun watching him make a mess! Hopefully in a day or two, he’ll be back to his old self 🙂

 IMG_9320Very focused



Painting his hand like Ms. Rachel taught him at school last year…





Sick Puppy

Early Friday morning, Noah woke up vomiting (15 times in 3 hours) so we took him to the ER.  They said it’s probably a virus he picked up somewhere.  They tried to give him some anti-nausea medication by mouth, but he vomited again, so they had to give him an IV.  He got two bags of fluid and some IV medication to stop the vomiting.  He was such a good patient (for the first visit).  After he got the IV, he started acting better almost immediately.  He just sat there, wide awake all night, and watched Dora on his iPod with the new headphones he just got from Aunt Connie (much easier than trying to keep those earbuds in!). 


Noah Hospital Day One

We got discharged around 7:00 Friday morning, and we slept most of the day.  Friday night the diarrhea started, and by Saturday afternoon, Noah was screaming in pain from the abdominal cramping.  He had no tears left because he was so dehydrated (12 yucky diapers in an hour).  Back at the ER they said it really sounds like Rotavirus (although we don’t have confirmation on that yet) which can last up to 8 days.  They hooked him up to another IV, and since he had been through it just a day before, he knew what pain he could expect from the needle stick.  He screamed! This time he did fall asleep in the ER – poor guy was so worn out!




They ended up admitting him until Sunday afternoon so they could give him more fluid and watch his diapers.  The thing that really cheered him up was a video text from his little friend, Emma, in Ohio (courtesy of Aunt Kim):



So now that we’re home, the doctors want to make sure he drinks enough, otherwise he could get dehydrated again.  He has been sick with yucky diapers throughout the day today, but he is starting to get his appetite back, so maybe that’s a good sign that this ugly bug is on it’s way out. 

Labor Day in Charlotte

We took a family trip to Charlotte over the weekend to see Aunt Connie, Grandma Nancy, and cousins Alex and Joey – oh and Cooper, the dog.  It was a short trip, but we sure packed in a lot of fun!

 IMG_9167 In the car, Noah is watching movies on his iPod

(Thanks, Aunt Kim!)


IMG_9169 Aunt Connie had a table set up for Noah’s train – she even added mountains!


IMG_9172  Noah loved seeing Cooper (especially when she was confined to her ‘apartment’) – his favorite part was giving her treats



Both Saturday and Sunday, Noah spent a lot of time playing in the pool with Daddy

 IMG_9183Swimming with Daddy


IMG_9195  Taking a rest with Grandma Nancy


IMG_9197 Swimming to Mommy


IMG_9207He got my feet! 


IMG_9213 Noah was playing on the putting green and was excited by all the planes overhead


IMG_9216Chasing Daddy on the Rip Rider




IMG_9221 Playing trains with Cousin Joey


IMG_9226 Cousin Alex and Cooper



Climbing at the playground


Racing Grandma Nancy on the slide



All worn out!

Celebration Academy – Open House

Well, it’s almost time for school to start, and on Thursday of this past week, Noah’s school had a very FUN open house.  Noah got to see his new teacher, Ms. Laura (she taught his music class last year) and see his classroom.  I think the highlight for Noah may have been the bounce house and popsicles, though.  We’re trying to explain that he won’t have those every day!

 IMG_9150 “Ready to go, Mama!”


IMG_9155 So happy


IMG_9158 Noah made himself right at home in his classroom, making a choo choo out of the toys


IMG_9160 On the go


IMG_9163 Noah didn’t mind that it was princesses – he had so much fun jumping with friends!



And the blue popsicle!

Little Sophia

This past week, we got to watch a little friend of ours, Sophia, for a couple days while her parents were out of town.  Sophia is 19 months old (about a year younger than Noah).  We had so much fun!

 IMG_9096 We picked Sophia up from her school, and she immediately made herself at home with Noah


IMG_9099 Sophia has such a nice disposition; she sat nicely while Noah ran around crazy 🙂


IMG_9100 Mmmm…chili for dinner


IMG_9105 Bedtime, storytime


IMG_9112 Breakfast


IMG_9115 Noah had her eating out of his hand – literally


IMG_9117 Sweet girl


IMG_9119 We had friends, Kelly and Kate, over for a play date.  Noah and Sophia were dancing before they came over.


IMG_9133 Kelly, on trumpet, leads our little band


IMG_9135 After naptime, we walked to the park for some play time with Ella Rae (and Alden)


IMG_9139 Noah pushed Sophia on the swing





Come back soon, Sophia!  Noah misses you!

“Mommy and Me” – Open House

We are so excited that Noah is going to school on Tuesday/Thursday this year and so will be able to go back to Mommy and Me on Mondays!  Ms. Nancy had an open house this past week, and Noah had so much fun seeing some old friends and making some new ones!  We really are so blessed to have Ms. Nancy volunteer her time to the little ones in our neighborhood!

 IMG_9059 Noah and Ms. Nancy with their shakers


IMG_9061 Ella Rae and Noah doing the freeze dance


IMG_9064 Shake it!


IMG_9065 Kelly, Ella Rae and Noah being good listeners


IMG_9067 Noah actually follows instructions!


IMG_9079 Singing “Tooty Ta” – “tongue out”



Parachute time!


It’s going to be a fun year at Mommy and Me! Thanks, Ms. Nancy!

Blue Ridge Vacation – Part 4: Amicalola Falls

On the way back home from Blue Ridge, we went by Amicalola Falls.  It is the second highest waterfall east of the Mississippi River and so close to home!  I really couldn’t believe how beautiful it was! 

 IMG_9023 On the path to the waterfall.  The path is bouncy because it’s made out of recycled tires.  Noah had fun jumping!


IMG_9024“ Look, Daddy!  Water is coming out of that rock!”


IMG_9027 First view of the falls


IMG_9034 Daddy and Noah on the bridge


IMG_9035 Looking up at the big waterfall


IMG_9037 Breathtaking!




IMG_9043 A view of the Blue Ridge Mountains from the top of the falls


IMG_9044 This big waterfall starts as a little stream


IMG_9045 Daddy and Noah touching the water at the top of the falls



What a great vacation!  Thanks for visiting us!