Blue Ridge Vacation – Part 3

Thursday was a bittersweet day, but we made the most out of our family time together.  We celebrated our blessings, and we felt like Wyatt and Jack were there with us.  We started the day by taking a hike near our cabin.

 IMG_8993 Noah loved walking up the steep driveway.  It was funny, he was almost horizontal!


IMG_8997 Gravel road


IMG_8998 What is it about little boys – he has to kick the dirt!


IMG_8999 So much energy!


IMG_9000 This boy can RUN!


IMG_9001 The path through the woods was so beautiful and QUIET!


IMG_9002 There was a little picnic pavilion by the river


IMG_9003 Big forest


IMG_9006 Daddy and Noah sharing a laugh


IMG_9008 Mama’s boy


IMG_9014 Family portrait – we set the camera on a moss-covered picnic table and set the timer 🙂


IMG_9016 Touching the water




Later in the day (at 5:12 and 5:14), Noah sang Happy Birthday to his brothers.  We miss you guys!


Blue Ridge Vacation – Part 2

On Wednesday, before Aunt Gigi had to head back home, we went to Mercier Orchards to pick up some yummy baked goods (fried pies and apple fritters).  Noah loved that they had a tractor in the store.  I got a kick out of a sign there: “Unattended children will be given a cup of espresso and a puppy”…Needless to say, we kept a close eye on Noah 😉


IMG_8966 Big tractor!


IMG_8968 Noah and Aunt Gigi with coonskin caps


IMG_8970 Noah riding the cart


IMG_8971 Blue Ridge has a train depot in the center of town.  The train wasn’t running during the week, so the train was always there when we went by.


IMG_8972 Big red engine!


IMG_8975 Self portrait by Daddy and Noah


IMG_8979 Daddy and Noah found a playground while Mommy and Aunt Gigi shopped


IMG_8983 We had such a yummy lunch in town.  The weather was perfect, and the clam chowder was amazing!


IMG_8986 Playing trains with Daddy back at the cabin



Enjoying s’mores after dinner

Blue Ridge Vacation – Part 1

Earlier this week, Greg, Noah and I went up to Blue Ridge, Georgia for a family vacation (about 2 hours away).  Aunt Gigi’s friend, Lisa, was nice enough to let us use their beautiful cabin for the week, and we had such a nice time!  The mountain air was so fresh.  The air was cool and dry; it was a big change from August in Atlanta!


IMG_8907 Daddy on the front porch – welcome to the mountains!


IMG_8923 Family vacation!


IMG_8924 I love this swing!


IMG_8930 Exploring the back yard, Noah found a tree that had fallen


IMG_8938 Aunt Gigi was able to come join us for a day – Noah loves having her around 🙂


IMG_8944 Heading back up to the house


IMG_8945 Noah liked this rocking horse in the loft


IMG_8951 Reading bedtime stories to Aunt Gigi



Ready for bed

Knit wits

Noah enjoys watching mommy knit, especially when he gets to try things on.  I think it’s good for him to see how something comes out of nothing.


IMG_8897  Now all we need is cooler weather!


Making a matching one for Daddy

Big tower!

It’s not every day that Noah gets to play with markers.  Even with washable markers, it can still turn into a big mess that requires a LOT of supervision.  On this day, I wanted to let Noah explore his creativity, and he did!  Not only did Noah color with the markers, he colored with a TOWER of markers! 



Our Sweet Angels

Last August 26th, Noah’s brothers, Wyatt and Jack were born 15 weeks prematurely.  They would have been a year old today.  We love them and miss them so much, but we also know that we will see them again one day.  If we have learned anything over this past year, it is to slow down and enjoy every day, every breath that we are given.  Recognize God’s work in our lives, and never forget to thank Him for it all! 


Wyatt's first picture

Wyatt’s first picture – 680 grams (1.5 lb)



Wyatt with his husky dog (one month old)


Jack's First Picture  Jack’s first picture – 920 grams (2 lb)



Jack awake and looking around – 6 weeks old

Papa Joe, Music Man

I think it really made an impression on Noah last summer when Papa Joe showed Noah his violin.  Whenever we Skype on the computer, Noah is looking for Papa’s violin.  Noah was so excited to get a private lesson from Papa when we were in Cleveland!  Papa even takes requests; he’s the best ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ player this side of Carnegie Hall!