Cow Appreciation Day

We are big fans of Chik-Fil-A, and last Friday we dressed up as cows to show it (their slogan is ‘Eat Mor Chikin’).  They had a promotion that if you went in dressed like a cow, you got a free meal.  So, Noah and I went for lunch with some friends.  It was so much fun, we brought Daddy back for dinner!  Something funny happened with my camera and all the pictures of me were deleted 😉

 IMG_8661 Noah putting his cow hat on

(It says “Dress like me, git free chikin”)


IMG_8662 Noah and Tyler playing after lunch





Climbing cows


Fun in the…shade

A couple weeks ago, we went to a pool play date over Hailey and Hannah’s house.  They have quite the set up with three pools arranged strategically on their lower deck so the kids can splash until their hearts are content – in the shade!

 IMG_8655 Noah is stealing a turn on the slide


IMG_8640 He loves to pour water over his head…


IMG_8643 And then he’s surprised!


IMG_8644 Hailey’s turn!


IMG_8650 Under the sprinkler with Ella Rae and Hailey



Thanks for having us over, Hailey and Hannah!

Happy 4th of July!

No, there’s no need to double-check your calendar -this blog post is just a couple weeks late 😉 For the 4th of July, we went to visit Noah’s Aunt Connie and family in Charlotte.  We started out our visit with a trip to Monkey Joe’s near their house (while Mommy, Aunt Connie and Cousin Alex got pedicures).  Noah was so excited to see Monkey Joe.  This time he even got the courage to give him a ‘high five’ … with a little help from Daddy!


IMG_8557 I’m so brave!


IMG_8579 Aunt Gigi came up from Atlanta, too, for the weekend.  Here she is with Cooper, Aunt Connie’s new "puppy”. 


IMG_8581 On Saturday morning, we all went to downtown Harrisburg for their annual 4th of July parade.  What beautiful weather!

(Noah, Daddy, Mommy, Cousin Alex and Aunt Connie – Aunt Gigi was taking the picture)


IMG_8601 Noah loved everything in the parade except the loud motorcycles.  I think the fire truck was his favorite, though!

(Daddy’s favorite was the free popsicle and candy!)


IMG_8613 After the parade, Daddy took Noah to the fairgrounds to play.  Noah got to ride a choo choo!


IMG_8616 And a pony!


IMG_8619 Daddy also took Noah to the train tracks, and while they didn’t see the little train that runs here, they did see a BIG freight train!



IMG_8624 Silly boys and their tricycle races.  Fortunately, no one rode into the pool!



It took Noah a little while to get up the courage to get close to Cooper, but by the time we left, they were old buds. 


Thanks for a great visit, Fennigs!  We hope to see you again soon 🙂


Noah finally figured out what the ear buds to my iPod do. I helped put them in his ears and turned on one of his favorite songs.  He followed the custom of speaking louder than necessary when having something in your ears 😉 He shouts: “LOUD!” 

 IMG_8538 LOUD!



“Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog…”

Alphabet Soup

Greg laughs because I said yesterday that it’s too hot to go to the pool (“Isn’t that the point?” he asks).  Anyway, I found a fun inside game that Noah likes to play that we call Alphabet Soup.  We put his alphabet letters in a big pot, and he tries to name them when he picks them out with tongs. 


Stirring the soup


IMG_8535 “I got a K!” 


Any creative, air-conditioning-friendly ideas, send them my way 😉