Daddy’s Toys

When we were in Wisconsin, Noah’s Milwaukee Grandparents sent us home with some of Daddy’s old toys to play with.  It was so fun to see him play make-believe like I’m sure Greg did with the same toys!

 IMG_8479 I made a choo choo out of trucks!



Greg got a chuckle out of this because he used to do the same thing with these airplanes 😉




Little Picasso

Noah loves art – he likes to paint, draw, color – you name it!  When we were in Milwaukee visiting Grandma Nancy and Grandpops, they gave him an old chalkboard easel.  It has found its new home in Noah’s playroom, and I think it will bring him enjoyment for years to come.

 IMG_8476 What nice penmanship!


IMG_8477 Noah’s “cheesy” smile



For the past couple weeks, Noah has been practicing winking 😉

Road Trip

Last week we made our biggest road trip yet as a family.  We drove from Atlanta to Dayton, OH and then from Dayton to Milwaukee, WI the next day.  We spent 4 days in Milwaukee visiting Grandma Nancy and Grandpops and then made the reverse trip home.  We had such a wonderful time and made a lot of great memories.  Here is a little glimpse into our trip.

  Joy! Noah, Nana and I went to play in the fountain at a mall in Dayton.  Noah had a blast!


The Thinker in the Sky Chair

Relaxing on Nana and Papa’s front porch

  IMG_8208 Batting practice with Papa Joe


IMG_8248 Passing a wind farm in Indiana – there were hundreds of windmills spread out for several miles


IMG_8257 Noah and Daddy burning off some energy when we finally made it to Milwaukee


IMG_8269 The Fons Family in their “Team Fons Racing” shirts


IMG_8270 Noah took Grandma Nancy and Grandpops to the playground


IMG_8274 Just before the skies opened up


IMG_8281 Noah loved the oatmeal Grandpops made for him


IMG_8283 Grandma Nancy borrowed some trains from a friend for Noah to play with while he was visiting.  He felt right at home!

(Thanks, Miss Peggy!)


IMG_8304 Noah and his cousin, Jack, running through the sprinkler


IMG_8319 Father’s Day at the zoo!


IMG_8338 Noah loved the “choo choo” at the zoo.  He even got to ride it a couple times.


IMG_8339 Sharing the ride with Grandma Nancy


IMG_8363 Noah’s first pony ride


IMG_8381 This lion is just one of the many incredible animals we saw. 


IMG_8396 Noah’s second train ride with Daddy!


IMG_8415 Noah’s first time to Lake Michigan




IMG_8435 Daddy and Grandpops took Noah to see some trains – ALL ABOARD!





IMG_8460 No trip to Wisconsin is complete without frozen custard.  YUM!


IMG_8463 On the way back through Dayton, we met Grandpa Phil, Christy and Regan for dinner.  Noah loves to get silly with Regan!


IMG_8465 Mommy and Noah with Grandpa Phil and Regan



The whole gang

Two Little Monkeys

On Thursday, Noah went to play with his buddy, Tyler, at Monkey Joe’s.  They had a ball jumping and running and acting like crazy little boys.  Both boys were afraid of the “Monkey Joe” character walking around.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of them holding hands, trying to build up the courage to give Monkey Joe a ‘high five’.  These pictures are just as sweet:





Summer Concert

A couple weeks ago we went to a free summer concert in a neighborhood near us.  It was ‘80s’ night, and Noah had a blast playing with the other kids while Mommy and Daddy enjoyed adult conversation.

 IMG_8185 Enjoying a picnic dinner




IMG_8187 Trying to decide which way to run


IMG_8188 The venue


IMG_8190 We brought Noah’s bubbles, and he had fun blowing bubbles with other kids


IMG_8192 Noah’s friend, Aiden, is rocking out to the 80s music.



One sweaty little boy – he played hard!

Daddy’s Birthday Fiesta

So it’s a little late, but to follow-up to Daddy’s birthday weekend, we took him out for Mexican food on his birthday.  We all enjoyed a yummy meal and then Noah had fun climbing on a fire truck in the parking lot of the restaurant!

 IMG_8161 Daddy’s birthday breakfast

IMG_8170 Happy 40th Birthday, Daddy!


IMG_8172 Yummy taco!


IMG_8174 You would have thought it was Noah’s birthday, he was so excited about the fire truck



Little swimmer

Noah started swimming lessons a couple weeks ago for his first time ever.  We thought he would love them, but it took him some time to warm up to it.  After a couple days of independent swim lessons (Noah + other kids + instructor), we decided it would be better if I went in the water with him, so we switched to a Mommy and Me class.  He did so much better, and he’s really becoming very comfortable in the water!

Here are some pictures from his first day…

 IMG_8164  Noah’s playing follow the leader with Mr. Brett but still checking to be sure he knows where I am


IMG_8166 Listening to instructions on water safety



“I know he’s not thinking about touching me!”


So now that Noah has graduated, I can proudly report that Noah puts his face in the water to blow bubbles.  He jumps off the side of the pool to me.  We’re working on underwater exploration, floating on his back to rest and kicking.