Dental Dynamo!

Noah had his first trip to the dentist Tuesday morning, and he did great!  The hygienist was so good with him as she played to his love of trains (she pretended her cleaning device was a choo choo).  The dentist said Noah (READ: MOMMY/DADDY) is doing a great job of brushing his teeth. 

Before we went to his appointment, we had a lot of errands to run.  Noah was excited about going to the dentist (probably because he had never been there before), and so all morning I could say, “You have to be good or else we won’t go to the dentist.”  His reply: “NO!”  Okay, so that may only work once 😉

 IMG_8019 Climbing into the chair like a big boy

(He actually ended up sitting in my lap for the cleaning)


IMG_8020 Picking out his balloon when he was finished


IMG_8022 We went to the playground afterwards



Pondering the importance of good oral hygiene…


We’ll see you again in six months!


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