“Do you want ‘de-luh’?”

So I had an embarrassing experience getting a pedicure last summer where the girl was trying to ask me if I wanted a ‘deluxe’ pedicure, but I didn’t understand what she was asking.  After about 15 times of me saying, “Excuse me?”, she said “Do you want to keep dead skin?”  Yes, I would like the deluxe. 

Yes, I have been back to the salon, but on Thursday, I decided to give myself an impromptu home-pedicure.  Of course Noah wanted to help out.  I wonder if this constitutes as ‘child labor’…







Poor Pacey even got his nails filed!


Meeska Mooska Mickey Mouse

Noah got a BIG box from UPS on Tuesday, and inside was a bunch of Mickey Mouse goodies from Aunt Connie, including a life-size (to Noah) Mickey Mouse friend.  He was SO excited that he took him everywhere the entire day!

 IMG_8052“ Look what was in that UPS box!”


IMG_8059 Holding hands and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


IMG_8061 A little snuggle before naptime


IMG_8063 Sharing a snack and listening to some tunes


IMG_8070 Best Friends


Noah likes to jump off the couch in the study onto a pile of pillows.  Here is a video of Noah taking turns with Mickey.  Then he decides Mickey needs a nap:



Thank you so much, Aunt Connie, for that very special treat!  I’m sure this isn’t the last time Mickey will make an appearance on the blog!

Little slugger

Last summer, Noah got a tee-ball set from Papa Joe.  We finally brought it outside in the back yard this week, and Noah took to it like a duck to water.  Watch out, Chipper Jones, you have some competition!



One great memory I have from childhood is eating homemade popsicles.  I found these neat popsicle holders at the store today, and the great part is there is a (semi)spill-proof cup at the bottom of the stick.  The juice collects there as the popsicle melts, and you can drink the “juicy”, as Noah calls it, through the straw.  Maybe these have been around for years, but the kind we had never looked like this 😉



Noah and I laughed at his red mouth when he was finished


IMG_8048 Juicy!

All aboard the potty train!

After talking to our friend Anne about potty training Noah’s little friend, Ella Rae, we decided Friday was the day to start the potty training.  We went to the store, and Noah picked out his big boy underwear (Mickey Mouse!), we picked out potty treats (Reese’s Pieces), and we started off training our Teddy Bear how to use the potty (he even got some Donald Duck underpants!).

 IMG_8028 Teaching Teddy Bear to use the potty


IMG_8030 Noah’s listening for the oven timer to tell him it’s time to check for dry underpants



Trying to use the potty


After sitting for a while, Noah was successful!  He did a celebration dance with Dora:


At the end of the day, Noah had used the potty 12 times!  Of course, we had some accidents, but I definitely think he’s getting it! 


I brought the video camera to Little Kelly’s Backyard Oasis on Thursday and caught some priceless video.


One of the hardest things for Noah when playing with friends is learning to share and take turns.  Don’t worry, little Kelly got her turn when I turned off the camera


Noah got distracted by an airplane flying by


As my mom says, this is probably an accident waiting to happen, but the kids have so much fun!

School’s Out!

Noah’s last day of school Wednesday was a WATER DAY!  We dressed him in his swim suit, slathered him with SPF 50 sunscreen and sent him off to school.  When we pulled up in the carpool line, there was a giant inflatable slide parked where we normally drive our car.  If Noah weren’t strapped in his car seat, he would have jumped right out of the car.  They also had a play-doh station, water slide and a sno-cone cooling station.  Parents didn’t get to stick around for the fun, but Ms. Rachel took some pictures.  It looks like they had a great time!

 DSC_0316 Cooling off with a sno-cone


DSC_0319 Play-doh station


DSC_0321 (I can see why they do this outside)



Ah, the water slide!


Thank you, Celebration Academy friends, for making this last day so fun for our little guy and for taking such good care of him this year!