Chef Noah

The other day for dinner I made a Thai stir fry and per his script, Noah had to help out.  I waited until the food had cooled, and I let him pull a stool up to taste test.  Chef Noah was being quite the ham!


 IMG_7770Concerned we forgot an ingredient…don’t worry, there’s Peanut Butter in there!

Chef’s hat courtesy of Publix 🙂


IMG_7771 Hey, I get to help in the kitchen!


IMG_7772 Cheese!


IMG_7774Okay, now he’s really hamming it up!


IMG_7778 Mmm, sugar snap peas…


IMG_7779 Taste tester



I approve!


Yes, I took a picture!

So I’m a little behind on my blog posts, but Noah did a couple REALLY funny things lately that I had to interject.  Usually I tell a story about something silly Noah does and my mom inevitably asks, “Did you take a picture?!”  Um, no.  Well, this time I did.  I went into Noah’s room tonight to check on him, and he had pulled all the diapers from his diaper stacker into his bed with him.  I can just imagine him rolling around in them like they were hundred dollar bills before he fell asleep!



The flash didn’t even wake him up!

Easter Egg Hunt – Take 3

Noah’s third and final egg hunt this year was in our neighborhood at the annual egg hunt.  It was a beautiful day, and Noah had a lot of energy!  He did have to take a “time out” before the start of the hunt, but he settled down and enjoyed the hunt. 

  IMG_7498 One excited little boy!



Running up and down the ramp at Reunion Hall


IMG_7501   Those eggs are ready to be hunted



“Mommy, BLUE!”



Good hunter



Chasing Ella Rae



There were bunnies for the kids to pet



We went to the playground after the hunt, which is one of Noah’s favorite things to do

Easter Egg Hunt – Take 2

Noah’s second opportunity to hunt Easter Eggs was at his school Easter Party.  It fell on a Wednesday, so Daddy was able to go as well.  Noah had a better understanding of what he was supposed to do, so Mommy finally got some candy!




IMG_7425So glad Daddy could come to the party  


IMG_7439-1 Enjoying a sweet treat!


IMG_7430-1  Okay, I’m ready!  I know what to do now!



Found one!



Hey, purple (Noah’s branching out!)

Easter Egg Hunt – Take 1

We’re thankful for the numerous opportunities Noah got to hunt Easter eggs this year.  They say practice makes perfect, right?   Noah was practicing his independence more than anything else.  The pictures say it all…

IMG_7398 Noah was excited to see his basket from last year.  I should have noticed the look of mischief in his eyes!



“Are you sure this isn’t a hat?”



We went to church for breakfast and an egg hunt…

Not wanting to sit still for the craft



Paying attention to the older girls instead of the Easter Story



Taking the contents out of the eggs so he could keep the blue egg and not the “stuff”

(Notice how well the eggs were hidden!)

IMG_7413“ What do you mean I’m supposed to be looking for eggs – I have energy to burn!!!!”



I think someone snuck a donut at breakfast!


So, Mommy didn’t go home with any candy.  Better luck next time…

Choo Choo Mall

That’s what Noah says almost every day, begging to go ride the train at the mall…and of course he wants to ride in the blue car!  He rode it for the first time while his cousin, Hannah, was in town over Spring Break, and it’s his newest obsession – and it’s $3/ride!

 IMG_7383 The train whistle is loud, and the conductor yells “All Aboard!”


IMG_7380 Driving past the jewelry store to pick up something shiny for Mommy


IMG_7379 Noah was proud that he got to hold his own ticket


IMG_7373 With cousin Hannah


IMG_7367 Noah also likes to throw coins in the fountain.  Daddy’s going to have to increase Noah’s allowance for these expensive hobbies 😉

Baby Steps

On Sunday, March 21st, Greg and eleven other runners ran the Georgia ING Half Marathon in memory of Wyatt and Jack as well as to raise awareness for micro-preemies.  Their team was called “Baby Steps”.  Overall, we raised $1,425 for various organizations to help micro-preemies.  Here are some pictures from the event:

   IMG_7294 Greg and Kim ready to go…VERY early!



In case you missed it on her shirt!



Still smiling on Mile 10!


A big group of us cheered them on in the rain.

(A runner actually stole Jill’s sign – right out of her hands!)



Yay!  You did it!!


IMG_7365  Welcome home, Daddy!  We’re so proud of you!


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