The Great Wolf Lodge!

Although our plans were delayed because of the weather, we were finally able to go to Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate Noah’s birthday.  Aunt Connie did a great job planning, and of course, spoiled Noah rotten! 



The Great Wolf Lodge, Concord, NC


We went with Aunt Gigi and Aunt Connie:

Aunt Gigi shows Noah the bear is nothing to be afraid of…



“Oh,is this how you do it?”



Wandering through the lobby.


IMG_6812  Aunt Connie had the room decorated when we got there!



Noah thought the Thomas cake looked just like one of his trains.  He stuck his finger right in!


“Hey, I heard there’s a pool around here!  I just need to find my swim trunks!”

 IMG_6825 Easing his way into the water (the water was warm, and they keep the indoor temp at 84).

(Also, for you moms out there, they provide the swim vests for free!)


IMG_6826 Water, water everywhere!  Noah even went down the big orange twisty slide by himself!  He cried because his shoe fell off on the way down, but he was very brave!


IMG_6827 Taking a little break



IMG_6829 Noah is telling a story about how the water splashed on his head



That bucket holds a LOT of water!



A bell rings before the bucket dumps (about every 5 minutes) – Noah liked to watch for it!



Cousin Alex fixed Noah’s hair for dinner 🙂



Cousins Alex and Joey and Uncle Jimmy joined us for Noah’s birthday dinner



Hanging out with Aunt Connie

 IMG_6862“I even wore my Moose PJs to the Lodge!”



In the morning, Noah was mesmerized by the Great Clock Tower show (the characters come to life and sing)



Noah’s favorite was the Moose, of course!


IMG_6871 Trying to escape…


IMG_6874  Noah wasn’t so sure what to think of the chipmunk that visited us during breakfast.


IMG_6906 He loved being splashed!


IMG_6909 He was doing very important work – pulling inner tubes around the wave pool





I’m about finished, Aunt Gigi!



Heading back to my room.


Another neat thing about Great Wolf, is they have a Magic Quest scavenger hunt game.  You pay for a wand, and there are treasures and clues hidden throughout the resort.  You can also control things around the hotel (lights in the restaurant, figures in the lobby, etc.) by waving your magic wand.  Now I sound like I’m writing a tourism blog, but I would HIGHLY recommend Great Wolf.  The service was great, and everything was clean and well run.  There are lifeguards everywhere, and the resort is very kid-friendly!

For more pictures from our trip:


3 thoughts on “The Great Wolf Lodge!

  1. Oh my goodness – that place looks AWESOME! 🙂 What a fun way to celebrate Noah’s special birthday with the family. Love the Thomas the Train cake too, very cool.

  2. What a GREAT time we had!!!! : – ) Thanks Aunt Connie for treating all of us! It was so much fun! Love the photos!

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