Pizza Pals

Noah hosted a pizza party on Friday for some of his friends so their moms could get out and run some errands.  We colored, played with play-doh, played trains and practiced sharing.  It was a little crazy with 5 toddlers running around, but it was a lot of fun to watch them play (thanks to Tyler’s mom for hanging out and helping!)


IMG_7119 Noah’s favorite part was the juice box!


IMG_7120 Tyler loved the blueberries!


Noah liked having his girlfriends here – he shared a lot of kisses!

IMG_7121 Hailey


IMG_7122 Kelly



Ella Rae


Thanks for coming, friends!  What a great time we had!


Growth spurt

Sometime in the last couple weeks I think Noah has had a growth spurt.  All of a sudden he can reach things he couldn’t before.  His new favorite sneaky thing is getting his own water out of the fridge:

 IMG_7093 Streeeettcccchhh!

(Of course when we got this refrigerator we didn’t consider a ‘lock’ button for the water dispenser!)


IMG_7095 My fun new cup from the Great Wolf Lodge





Later that day, Noah ate a good dinner.  After he got up from the table, I guess he decided he wanted another piece of corn.  As I was cleaning up the table I noticed him:



Corn on the cob is SOOOOO good!



(I think we need taller counters!)

Germ fighter!

With all the yucky bugs going around, we’re thankful it isn’t tough to get Noah to wash his hands.  Any opportunity he has to pull the chair up to the sink, he’s there!  Not to mention he thinks that boy in the mirror is mighty handsome 😉

 IMG_7079 Hi Mom!


IMG_7085 Making silly faces at himself in the mirror


IMG_7088 Hey, that’s me!



Pouring water

Community Helpers

Today’s theme at school was Community Helpers.  When I pulled up in the carpool line, Noah was actually wearing this Police Hat.  If you’ve spent any time with Noah, you know he’s VERY particular about what he wears and doesn’t like anything on his head (maybe you remember we almost got asked to leave the Mayfield Dairy tour because he wouldn’t wear the hair net).  Imagine my surprise when they put him in the car wearing this and he wore it all the way home!



A New Windmill

For Valentine’s Day from Grandma Linda and Papa Joe, Noah got a piece for his GeoTrax train set – a windmill!  This windmill hooks on the track and as the train goes by, the windmill turns!  Noah thinks it’s the coolest thing!



IMG_7073  (Noah got a haircut this morning)



I got a new piece to my GeoTrax!


IMG_7068 Hey, the windmill is turning!!


I have to laugh out loud because Noah’s Aunt Kim and I used to think (recently) that windmills just spun around and didn’t have a purpose other than to look pretty in a field (sorry, Kim, I had to drag you down with me!).  We have since learned that they harness the wind’s energy to do things.  Hopefully Noah will learn a physics lesson from his new toy! Thanks Grandma Linda and Papa Joe!

Chivalry is not dead!

Noah went to play with his friend Kelly on Friday morning.  They are playing so well together at this age.  For a while Noah pushed his Thomas train around in Kelly’s baby stroller, but then he asked her if she wanted a ride.  Who said chivalry was dead?!  It’s cute because Kelly has combined Noah with another little boy, Jonah, in their class at school.  Noah has become NONAH.



More snow fun!

As the snow continued, Greg took Noah sledding down the little hill in the backyard (Noah did it once and was done).  Greg even went down the big hill in the back yard (as did many of our neighbors)!  Greg and Noah built a snowman together, and I made a snow angel!  5 hours into it, we have about 4 inches!