Christmas with our Ohio Family

We really enjoyed spending Christmas with family. Of course we missed seeing the Fons/Fennig/Blumer Family, but they were in our hearts as we celebrated Christmas. 


2Mommy, Daddy and Noah on Christmas morning



Christy and Grandpa Phil


Mommy and Aunt Kim


Cousins Jon (13) and Hannah (7)



Aunt Regan (7)



Special time with Grandma Linda



Singing with Poppa Joe (Grandma Linda is “playing” the player piano)



Noah gave Great Grandma a picture of the two of them from her recent visit to Atlanta


Traveling Man

Noah had a grand tour of Ohio in 6 short days.  First we went to Columbus to visit Grandpa Phil, Christy and Regan.  On Christmas Eve, we visited with Aunt Kim, Uncle Aaron (and extended family), Jon, Hannah, Grandma Linda and Poppa Joe.  Christmas Day we went to Aunt Kim’s, back to Grandpa Phil’s for dinner and then visited with some of Grandpa Phil’s extended family in the evening.  (Are you exhausted yet?!) The day after Christmas, we drove to Cleveland, where we saw Great Grandma Marbles (Grandma Linda’s mom) and family.  Sunday we drove to Grandma Linda’s house in Dayton where we met with an old friend of mine (and saw some snow!), and Monday we drove back to Atlanta.  Noah was a great sport through all of the travel; he slept well and was in good spirits the majority of the time.  And we’re so thankful the weather allowed us to travel to all these cities!

 IMG_6247 Smiling at 5 AM


IMG_6249Still smiling when we got to Ohio, 9 hours (and only one nap) later



Enjoying a Tim Horton’s Bagel on the drive home

(They really need to get Tim Horton’s in Georgia!)

I miss you, Aunt Regan!

For Christmas Vacation, we went to Ohio to visit family.  Noah had so much fun with his “Aunt” Regan (7) who spent a lot of time playing with Noah, showing him her old toys and teaching him how big kids eat.

  IMG_6259Regan showed Noah how yummy it is to mix Mac & Cheese with baked beans!


IMG_6253 Noah’s working hard to use his spoon


IMG_6264 Noah wanted to share his water with Regan’s elf


IMG_6267 When Noah bonked his head, Regan showed him how to put the ice pack on to make it feel better


 IMG_6269 Riding together in the car to visit cousins


IMG_6282 Making music at Aunt Kim’s


IMG_6286We caught Regan sampling the cookies for Santa 😉


IMG_6287No wonder the “Big Man” is so big – these cookies look good!


We had a lot of fun, Regan! Maybe you can come visit this summer!


More tomorrow on our Christmas trip…