Super Noah … To The Rescue!!

Noah loves to watch Super Why on PBS, so for his birthday his friends Hailey and Hannah got him a Super Why doll that talks and sings.  He loves this thing and carries it around everywhere!  This morning while eating breakfast, Noah danced along with Super Why.  Thanks, friends!!



On the program, Wyatt (Super Why) has a brother named Jack…maybe I’ve been watching too much TV that it influenced us in naming our boys!


Begin the birthday festivities!

With Noah’s birthday being on Sunday, we started his birthday festivities today with formal pictures at the mall (stay tuned for those!).  Then this afternoon, Noah and I went up to Reunion Hall to have some Birthday Cake Ice Cream and play on the playground.  I don’t remember the last time he had ice cream, so I can see why he was so surprised when he realized it was COLD!  It didn’t take Noah long to warm up to it, though 😉


IMG_6650 Wow, that’s COLD!



(Notice Thomas had to come with us to get ice cream!)



Noah liked to dip the cone in the ice cream and lick it off



He figured out that the cone was yummy, too!


I can’t wait to see what he thinks of his birthday cake on Sunday!

Put him to work!

Don’t tell those child labor law people, but I’m loving that I can put Noah to work around the house now that he understands what needs to be done.  He “helps” with so many things, dusting, dishes, laundry…even cooking dinner!



Noah helps with laundry by putting his trains on top of the hamper and rolling it around.

(He got a balloon at Nordstrom earlier in the day, so he carried it around on top of the hamper)



Noah helps cook lunch by pulling a chair in front of the oven to watch the pizza bake

(He’s telling me it’s hot – don’t touch!)


IMG_6644Crushing the crackers for the meatloaf really was a big help


IMG_6641I just had to watch him with that hammer!

Noah’s Rock Band

Noah got a set of instruments from Grandma Nancy and Grandpops for Christmas.  He LOVES music and is working on starting a rock band.  Yes, I am doing you a favor by not putting a video of the music these guys made – let’s just say we’ll continue to hold practice 😉

  IMG_6597 Noah loves the trumpet – Pacey hides. 


IMG_6605 You can tell he’s concentrating when the tongue comes out!



Who ever knew Daddy was so musical?


IMG_6615 Wow, I can make a lot of noise with this!


Thanks so much for my new instruments, Milwaukee G-Parents!  I’ll work on playing a special song for you 🙂

Monkey-ing Around

Last weekend, we went to Monkey Joe’s with some friends to get the kids out of the house and let them burn some energy.  Noah had so much fun bouncing around and going on the slides with Daddy.

 IMG_6442 Noah had fun in the play area specifically for toddlers


IMG_6452 Living on the wild side…going down slides head first!


And then Noah realized there were bigger slides!


IMG_6456 Daddy was scared…he needed me to hold him!


IMG_6462 It’s quite a hike to the top of the slide


IMG_6465Everyone loves a good action shot!

Singing in the rain

Saturday was a rainy day.  Noah took the rain coat and rain boots he got from Aunt Marge and went splashing through the puddles.  Like the bike, Noah had to test drive his new stuff inside first.  Because he was a little apprehensive about the boots, we showed him pictures of firemen with boots, and now he thinks they’re terrific!



Noah loves to help out with the dishes!  We thought maybe wearing his rain coat would prevent so many wardrobe changes.

 IMG_6548 I love my new rain gear!


IMG_6552 Puddles are for stomping!


IMG_6553-1 We’re not quite sure why he feels he needs to hold his arms out…


IMG_6561Daddy helping Noah so he doesn’t tumble down the hill

Biker Boy

Noah got a bike for Christmas from Aunt Connie and company.  He’s been “riding” it around the house for several days…

 IMG_6402 Noah’s first time on his tricycle


IMG_6407He doesn’t quite get what to do with his feet




Friday, the weather was nice enough for him to finally take the bike outside!






Stay tuned for tomorrow when the weather turns bad again…Noah will put another Christmas present to good use!