A Choo Choo Christmas!

Noah is fascinated by trains.  For Christmas (early) he got a train table and a GeoTrax train from Grandma Linda and Poppa Joe.  We could have just given him the table, and he would have been satisfied, I think.  When we showed him the train, you would have thought it was the greatest thing ever.  Now, the only way we can get him away from the train (for meals, bedtime, etc) is to tell him the train is sleeping, so we have to shut the door!

   IMG_6215-1 (This is his excitement just at seeing the table!)


IMG_6216 Big hug for Mommy!

(We’ll be sure Grandma Linda and Poppa Joe get one when we see them!)


IMG_6224 The train is remote control




IMG_6229Noah is trying to figure it out – very focused


IMG_6234I’m not sure which one has more fun playing with the train!


Thanks so much Grandma Linda and Poppa Joe!!  Merry Christmas!


‘Twas the night before Christmas

Noah got a thoughtful present from his cousin, Alex.  She recorded herself reading “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” to Noah.  As we turn the pages, the story continues.  We put a picture of Alex in the front of the book, and Noah looks to ‘read’ it every night before bed.  It’s nice that he can hear her voice even though we don’t live close by.


069  Wow, this book reads to me!!



‘Twas the night before Christmas…

Night Night, Pacey!

Noah likes to play bedtime at all hours of the day.  He puts his lovey to bed, telling him ‘night night’ and covering him with the blanket.  Last week, he did this with Pacey.  Needless to say, Pacey was not amused!

  IMG_6239 Night night!


IMG_6240 Where’s Pacey?


IMG_6242 There he is!


IMG_6245Pacey: “I’m going somewhere I can actually get some sleep!”

Thank you Zoe Rose!

Last week I received an email from another “Triplet Mom” who also lost one of her angels, Zoe Rose, a couple years ago.  She has been a great emotional support to us through the last few months, and the support continues:

My friend, and fellow micro-preemie mom, held a "toyraiser" through the month of November for the Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation.  She donated a portion of her proceeds in the form of toys to the foundation.  We have then chosen a family who has been affected by the trauma of the extremely premature birth of their baby or babies.  Our hope is to help make life just a shred brighter during very difficult times, no matter what the challenges may be.

Even though Noah was not a micro-preemie himself, his life has been and will be impacted by the very early birth of his brothers.  We also know that this holiday season will be challenging for you and Greg.  As such, the Zoe Rose Memorial Foundation is pleased to present Noah with the toy prize pack in hopes that it will help your family have a spot of brightness.

Saturday morning, they brought the toys to Noah.  He loves them!  Thank you so much Kellie and Keira for continuing to show us love and encouragement!

 IMG_6183 This “Castle” is really fun because the balls roll down – Noah likes to make them race!



Noah likes to build towers with these pegs.


Noah’s elf, Quirky, has been very busy this Christmas season.  You’ve seen him pop up in various places from the mini-van at Noah’s school to Noah’s St. Nick stocking in Chattanooga.  Before we left for our trip to Ohio, Quirky took over one of the guest rooms and turned it into “Santa’s Workshop”…can’t wait to see what they made for Noah!



Christmas Party!

Wednesday was Noah’s Christmas Party at school.  Greg and I were both able to go and meet Noah’s new friends.  We had a ball!


IMG_6103-1 Mommy, Daddy and Noah in Noah’s classroom


IMG_6107 Noah was not happy about “performing” for the camera


IMG_6115 The color and shape of the month


IMG_6124-1 Ms. Janna is singing the blessing before the pizza is served.  Noah is helping with the hand gestures


IMG_6125-1 Is Noah going to be a preacher?


IMG_6128You can tell Noah doesn’t get juice very often – he drained that Capri Sun!


IMG_6133Noah’s class enjoying pizza (6 girls and 2 boys)


IMG_6139Noah working on his craft for the day


In addition to having pizza, the kids had a gift exchange (Noah got a very cool Matchbox car!) and watched the Christmas Program performed by the older kids at the school.  The teachers and room mom did a great job of organizing the party.  Noah really seems to be having fun at school.  See you again in January!  Merry Christmas!

Special Gigi Time

While I was away for a girl’s weekend this weekend, Greg and Aunt Jeanine planned a special Saturday for Noah.  They went to Gymboree, the carousel at the mall and had lunch at McDonald’s.  They followed it up with opening Noah’s Christmas present from Aunt Gigi when they got back the house.  It’s no wonder he took a 4 hour nap that afternoon!


045  Aunt Gigi – I can jump REALLY high on this trampoline…


046…and then stop for a little tickle!


048 Oh, he’s got her trained 😉


051Big boy on the carousel!


055I get a cheeseburger AND a toy?


056Noah opening his present from Aunt Gigi


057 Block City!!  Cool!


Thanks, Aunt Gigi!!  I had a great day!  Come back soon!  Love, Noah