Noah is starting to take Gymboree classes, and this Saturday was his first class.  He was a little unsure at first, but once he saw the fun the other kids were having, he joined right in.  We learned about mail carriers today, and Noah helped sort and deliver “mail”.  Noah’s favorite activities were the parachute and the bubbles.  He loved getting stamps on his hands when the class was over.  We can’t wait to go back!

 IMG_5448 Noah is taking it all in…where do I start?

 IMG_5454Ms. Lisa was our teacher today


IMG_5456Noah is starting to join in the fun


IMG_5470 Mom, did you see they have slides here?


IMG_5463 Here I go!


IMG_5478 Noah had fun jumping on the trampoline


IMG_5474And who doesn’t love a rocking horse?


IMG_5483 Parachute time!


IMG_5488 Bubbles bring friends together


IMG_5492Ms. Lisa blew extra bubbles for Noah because it was his first day


IMG_5499I’m having fun – when can we come back?


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