Happy Turkey Day!

We had a great Thanksgiving!  We went to spend the day with Aunt Jeanine, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Connie in Canton, GA.  The weather was so beautiful that we were able to go to the playground, and Noah loved seeing Pacey’s cousins, the greyhounds.


 IMG_5505 Noah’s ‘tweeting’ where he’s going for Thanksgiving (seriously, he’s playing a Thomas coloring game)



It’s windy!



Daddy needed me to go down the slide with him…he was scared!



Noah takes a deep breath before launching…



Here I go!



Aunt Connie pushed me really high on the swing



And I love running through the leaves!


IMG_5572 Noah tried to move the entire field of leaves from one side of the playground to the other.



They all blew away!



Noah helped Aunt Jeanine (Aunt Gigi) peel corn


IMG_5595Mmm….Thanksgiving dinner.  Where’s the corn?



There it is!

Noah didn’t stay awake long enough to have dinner with the rest of us.  He wore himself out at the playground, I suppose!  He did enjoy his corn, though!  The next morning he was excited to see that the greyhounds were still around:


IMG_5678 (1) (I thought it was funny that they are at Noah’s eye level…only slightly bigger than Pacey our shih tzu)



Noah is walking the grounds before he returns home


Thanks for a GREAT Thanksgiving!  We hope everyone reading had a nice one also!


New School – Hurray!

Noah wasn’t so sure what to think of his new school this morning (he’ll be going 2 days a week for ‘Mommy’s Morning Out’).  They have a carpool drop off, so you pull in front of the school and they take the child out of the car.  Noah was VERY upset when a stranger opened the door to the van to take him out, but they said he only cried for about 2 minutes.  His report from Ms. Rachel said he had a great first day and was a big helper at clean-up time!  And look who came with me to pick up Noah…

 IMG_5745    Noah wanted to get some mowing done before school (He’s his daddy’s son!)


IMG_5748Can’t I carry my book bag while mowing?


IMG_5755Quirky is anxious to hear about Noah’s first day – he hopped in the car as I was leaving.


IMG_5758Waiting in the carpool line


IMG_5761Noah loved that his Elf came to pick him up 🙂


We can’t wait to go back on Wednesday!

A New Tree Topper

Noah went to the grocery store with Daddy this morning.  When he got back, weren’t we surprised to see that Quirky put up the Christmas tree!  Now Noah gets to do the ornaments!


  IMG_5700-1 Hey, Quirky put up a tree in the house!


IMG_5698Well, isn’t he mischievous?


IMG_5702-1That’s one silly elf!

Elf on the…chandelier?

We’ve recently been introduced to the “Elf on the shelf” concept (where was this when I was a kid??).  Noah has an “Elf” who appeared this morning and will stay around until Christmas to report back to Santa on how Noah has been behaving.  Every day he will appear in a new location to surprise Noah.  This evening, he hopped up on the kitchen chandelier to make sure Noah ate all his dinner ;-)  By the way, his Elf’s name is “Quirky”. 


IMG_5690   Hey, how did Quirky get up there?!



You never know where he’s going to show up!


Noah is starting to take Gymboree classes, and this Saturday was his first class.  He was a little unsure at first, but once he saw the fun the other kids were having, he joined right in.  We learned about mail carriers today, and Noah helped sort and deliver “mail”.  Noah’s favorite activities were the parachute and the bubbles.  He loved getting stamps on his hands when the class was over.  We can’t wait to go back!

 IMG_5448 Noah is taking it all in…where do I start?

 IMG_5454Ms. Lisa was our teacher today


IMG_5456Noah is starting to join in the fun


IMG_5470 Mom, did you see they have slides here?


IMG_5463 Here I go!


IMG_5478 Noah had fun jumping on the trampoline


IMG_5474And who doesn’t love a rocking horse?


IMG_5483 Parachute time!


IMG_5488 Bubbles bring friends together


IMG_5492Ms. Lisa blew extra bubbles for Noah because it was his first day


IMG_5499I’m having fun – when can we come back?