Corny Noah

Here is a video of Noah eating one of his favorite foods – corn on the cob.  He’s been saying “uh oh” for a while now…it has transitioned (as you’ll hear a couple times in the video) to his version of “uh oh spaghetti-o’s”.  He says “uh oh eeeeeeoh”



Big boy bed!

Wednesday night was Noah’s first night in his big boy bed.  He has done really well, and he stays put in the morning until I come to get him.  He really likes getting in and out of it!



Good Morning!



Time to get up!


IMG_5197    I can get out of bed now – Mommy’s here!

Good morning, sunshine!

Noah is usually so happy in the mornings.  Tuesday morning he was so excited to go to school.  He was dancing to “Super Why” (one of his favorite cartoons) and being silly while eating breakfast.  He even said “bah bah” (Ms. Barbi is his teacher) while pointing to her in his school picture.  His friends at school make this silly noise, and once one of them starts doing it, they all chime in.  Noah is funny because he closes his eyes while he does it. 


A Very Scary Mommy and Me

Okay, so maybe it wasn’t so scary.  Greg took Noah to Mommy and Me on Monday for the annual Halloween Party.  Noah is a dragon this year for Halloween – he helped pick out the costume.


Very scary!


IMG_5074  Checking himself out in the mirror



All dragons can use crayons, can’t they?



Daddy and the Dragon



Noah loves the parachute!



How about a ride on the parachute…



Dragon on the loose!

Trouble Maker

Noah loves to play on the screened porch.  Usually he’s playing with his trucks or pretending to water flowers.  Sunday afternoon he practiced climbing on the chair.  The more I told him not to, the more he tried to get up there without me seeing him!