Trouble maker

Noah loves to play in the bathroom.  It makes matters worse that we keep doors closed to keep him out, so when he is able to sneak in…T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!


IMG_4813    Busted!







Uh Oh!

Noah has 2 new tricks – one is undressing (or partially undressing) himself.  The other is saying “uh oh” when something doesn’t go right.  On this day, Noah had already partially taken off his tank top before his Aunt Connie and I started instigating to try to get him to perform for the camera.  It was late afternoon, right before dinner, and so Noah was especially cranky…determined, too!


“When in doubt, take him out!”

Grandma Nancy was here visiting for 3 weeks after the boys were born to help us out and take care of Noah, and what a huge help she was!!  Little boys love to play outside and can get cabin fever when stuck inside too long, and it didn’t take her long at all to come up with RULE #1 in Noah World – “When in doubt, take him out!”  I think they both had a great time.  We miss you Grandma Nancy!


Helping take Pacey for a walk



Playing with sticks



Noah likes to take the stroller for a walk (Noah pushes the stroller)

PJ Day

A couple weeks ago, Noah’s school had a PJ day.  Noah was very confused about why he was wearing pajamas PLUS sneakers!

 IMG_4675  Noah likes to show off when we come to pick him up.



“This is my kitchen”



I love my Daddy!