Meet the Newest Fons Boys!

On Wednesday afternoon, August 26th, while I was on hospital bed rest, my water broke and I went into pre-term labor at 25 weeks and 3 days.  A short time later, by emergency C-Section, Wyatt Andrew and Jackson Christopher were welcomed into this world.  Wyatt weighs 1 lb. 8 oz. and was born at 5:12 pm.  Jackson (Jack) weighs 2 lb. and was born at 5:14 pm.  They are both in the Neonatal ICU and are stable on ventilators.  We are overjoyed by our blessings, and we are prayerful that the boys continue to fight and grow until it is time for them to join us at home.  Until then, Noah is being groomed for the “big brother” role – we think he’s going to be great!  Here are some of the first pictures of the newest Fons boys:


Baby Jack holding his mom’s hand



Baby Jack (Both boys’ skin is red because of the medication they gave me to try to stop labor –  it is only temporary)


IMG_4532 Mommy with Baby Wyatt (He spends time under the phototherapy light for jaundice)



Mommy and Daddy visiting Wyatt


Grandma Linda and Papa Joe

Grandma Linda and Papa Joe came to visit from Ohio for a few weeks to help out with Noah while I’m on bed rest.  Noah sure is enjoying spending time with them!!


IMG_4411Snuggle time with Grandma


IMG_4412 Noah’s helping Papa Joe with the laundry 🙂

Sleepy Time

Noah has always been a crib sleeper.  When he started going to school last month, we weren’t sure how he would adapt to taking naps on a mat in a room full of other kids.  It sounds like some days are better than others (daily report card one day read: “NO NAP”).  These pictures were taken shortly after he started going to school at the end of July.  He was really wiped out from the day – he grabbed his blanket, lovey and took over Pacey’s pillow.




The blog is back!

I’ve been really lazy about updating Noah’s blog lately since I have been on bed rest.  Now that I’m confined to a hospital room, I’ve been asked more than a few times “what else do you have to do?”  So, here we go…We’re back!  I have a lot of older pictures to post, but I wanted to start with my favorites.  Yesterday, Greg and Papa Joe brought Noah for a visit.  On other days, Noah has been more interested in roaming the hospital halls than sticking around with boring old mom.  Grandma Linda had a brilliant idea to keep him in the room with us – new toys that will stay here with us in the hospital.  It worked!  We had a great visit!


Noah’s new fire station



Vroom, vroom!



The Elmo book goes “DING DONG!”



Looking at some pictures of his playgroup friends in Mommy’s scrapbook



Practicing Mommy’s breathing exerciser


IMG_4474 Noah didn’t know the Tickle Bug was in the hospital, too!



Big Laughs!!!


Now I’m counting the hours until they come back again today!