Stuck a feather in his cap and called it macaroni!

Noah loves Mac and Cheese.  Now that we have these Easy Mac bowls, Noah takes them out of the pantry and shakes them like musical instruments.  I wonder if Kraft needs a new spokesperson for their product 🙂



Mom, can we have this for lunch?? 


IMG_4353 This is how Noah cocks his head when he wants me to sing…


Noah’s Fat Lip

Last week, Noah was running through the kitchen and accidentally tripped, biting his lip on the way down.  It’s incredible that it took Noah 18 months to bleed for the first time.  I’m sure this will be the first of many boo boos.  Oh, and no teeth were lost in the making of these pictures 😉





The cute thing is that through the crying and the blood, Noah was still cocking his head for me to sing to him :)  Entertain me!

Mommy’s new wheels!

To help me get around when I go to doctor visits, I got a wheelchair.  The first time Noah saw it was after school on Tuesday.  He LOVES to push it around! 

 IMG_4370  Can’t see over top of chair!



Playing around



So focused!


For the sake of the paint on our walls, we had to discourage him from pushing it around.  Onto something else, Noah!

A good first day

For the first couple hours, Noah had a little trouble adjusting to his first day of school.  But by the time we went to pick him up, he had completely settled in.  They even said he napped! Part of the day was Water Fun where the kids got to play outside in the sprinkler; I think that was Noah’s turning point 🙂

 IMG_4367  This is the chair where I ate my lunch



I’m ready to push my brothers around in a stroller!



I can’t wait to come back again!


(Notice his clothes changed since this morning?  He REALLY had fun during Water Fun!)

School Days

Now that I’m on bed rest and not able to play with Noah, we’ve enrolled him in daycare/preschool to keep him occupied on certain days.  Well, today was his first day!  Noah was happy as can be!

 IMG_4358 Starting off the day with a good breakfast


IMG_4362 Getting his backpack on



I’m ready to go make some new friends!!  Go rest, Mommy!


More later on how his first day went…

Summer fun!

Grandma Linda was able to extend her visit a few days to help us out.  This was great because she had some extra time to take Noah to the pool!


IMG_4305  Hey, I see my mom!  I think she needs a cup of water…



Noah found a wagon sitting by the side of the pool and had a lot of fun with it.








Noah’s making a new friend (Noah stole his ball and this little boy wants it back!)


Noah had so much fun with Grandma Linda.  He even walked under the sprinkler on his own!  He was a little disoriented after he did, but he’s getting more and more brave every time!