Noah is 8 Months Old!

Just to remember what we were doing 8 months ago today, I wanted to take a walk down memory lane. What an incredible 8 months!


Sittin’ pretty

Sittin’ handsome doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.  Regardless, here’s the story:  When I went to get Noah up from his afternoon nap today, he was sitting up in his crib.  I haven’t seen him get to this position before, but now he’s repeated it again and again.  After his nap, we took this sequence of pictures:

the frog
First step: The frog


Second step: Frustration


"Hey, that was easy!"
Last step: “Say, that was easy!”

 After I took these pictures, Noah did it again for the video camera:

“C” isn’t just for cookie anymore!

Today at Mommy and Me, we learned all about the letter “C”.  Noah wore a “cap” briefly.  There was a time when he used to wear hats and smile, but now I guess he’s figured out that he can take them off, too!

(I think he was saying “Mommy and Me” – to the untrained ear, it just sounds like mamama)

We also sang a song about colors and played with a colorful ribbon.

Ribbons of color

Ribbons of color

When we made music, Noah just wanted to put the noisemaker in his mouth:

 And when there’s nothing else to entertain him, “C” is for croc…

Growing like a weed

Now that Noah can stand a little, albeit wobbly, I wanted to start recording his growth on a chart.  While they sell all these cute growth charts at kids’ boutiques, I wanted to make it permanent in the house, like Kim and I had with our Grandma Turner and Greg had with his Grandma Fons.  By the way, Greg, if we ever move, the door goes with us!

I question sometimes the validity of the measurements at the doctor’s office: Once his head was in the 99th percentile; Dr. Sheth was concerned, and so when she re-measured, it was 2 or 3 inches smaller than what the nurse got!  Explain that! So, this may not be entirely accurate, but I do know we’re now shopping for 12-18 month clothes for winter (he’s not yet 8 months old!) and that IS valid!  All of you out there who have assured me this growing will slow down, please tell me WHEN!

Noah getting measured against his door
Noah getting measured against his door
You can see his "birth height/length line" over his left shoulder

You can see his "birth height/length line" over his left shoulder

When Noah was born, he was 20.5 inches.  Today he is just over 27 3/4 inches! The weight is something else altogether – I think he’s 22 lb. now (7 lb, 13 oz at birth)! Grandma Linda is visiting this week; hope she’s been lifting weights!

Cutting the apron strings…just a trim

It’s a big day: I took a leap of faith and left Noah with Miss Anne to go get my hair done.  I haven’t left Noah with anyone other than Greg since April!  Anne will tell you that I teared up (we won’t call it crying) when I left, but I know he feels comfortable with her, and he loves to play with Ella Rae.  He was only there about an hour before Greg picked him up, but it was a step 🙂 He did just fine, I am told – maybe it was his lucky Badgers onesie:

(If you enlarge this picture, you can see his 2 bottom teeth!)

My mom has new hair!

After all the drama around “deserting” Noah, I was relieved that he didn’t cry at my new hair like he did last time Pacey got a cut.

Everyone has something to say!

This week’s playgroup was hosted by Hailey and her mommy, Jess.  Noah sported his new soccer outfit (pardon the pun) in order to exude a more masculine air.  Rumor has it he’s been playing with some “girly”toys, and he wanted to work on his image a little.  While he played with Hailey’s soccer ball at first, he was most excited when he found out she had a little pink purse (not pictured below to protect his future policital career).  As always, the piano/xylophone was a hit. 

Making music

Here is a video of the little munchkins playing. It’s funny how kids start to mimic each other – and us mommies – with their squeals.  Everyone has something to say. 

Stage 3 is a bust!

Noah has worked his way all through the Stage 1 and Stage 2 baby foods.  Common sense would say Stage 3 comes next.  He has done well with lumpy things like Cheerios and biter biscuits, working it with his tongue and gums.  So Greg picked up some “Pasta Primavera” for Noah while grocery shopping this weekend.  It was not a hit:



After 2 minutes to swallow one bite, Noah went in search of a lost Cheerio.  Oh well, try, try again!