Lucky 7


Well, Noah’s 7 month “birthday” was a great day.  We started off the morning with a trip to Target to buy the last of our babyproofing supplies.  Fortunately, our new Target has a Starbucks, and so, Frappuccino in hand, I was able to get my fuel for the busy day ahead.  I finished the baby proofing during Noah’s morning nap, and then we took off for a walk around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful day.

Mommy and Noah ready for a walk

Daddy pushing the stroller

When we got back from the walk, Noah’s friend Connor (parents Pat and Leslie) came over for an impromptu playdate.  Connor is almost 6 months old and was in the neighborhood visiting his grandparents (our neighbors).  He was cute – he was more interested in Pacey than Noah.  Noah wanted to grab his face and poke him in the eye (sorry, Connor!)

The boys with their dads

Learning to share

Tummy time: Your mom makes you do this, too?

Noah had a really good nap after Connor’s visit (so did Mommy), and then we played some more.  Per our pediatrician’s suggestion, we added a second solid meal to Noah’s diet today.  Green beans for dinner didn’t go over so well, but the pears for dessert made up for it. 

And since Noah has been looking so “healthy” lately, he has gotten a little (ah hem) wide to fit in his baby tub.  We figured it was time he graduate to the big boy tub.

Noah’s big boy tub with no-stick frogs

Why is there so much space around me?

Once he realized the toys were the same, it was all good.

Hey, I’m 7 months old – I’m a big kid now!


Happy 7 months, Noah!

How time flies!!  I can’t believe that Noah is 7 months old already!  Exactly one year ago today (August 31, 2007),  I had a doctor’s appointment.  They were scheduled to do an ultrasound, but they didn’t think they would be able to determine the sex of the baby because it was too early, so Greg didn’t take off work to go to the appointment.  When I got there, I asked the sonographer if she could tell the sex of the baby.  She said ‘yes’ and printed out 3 images and sealed them in an envelope.  Greg and I had a dinner date at Reunion Hall that night for “Meet and Greet”, but I thought I would burst at the seams waiting for him to come home.  If I’m being honest, I did consider steaming the envelope open just to take a little peek.  Maybe the sonographer knew my type just a little because she sealed it with tape.  She also stuck the incriminating photo between 2 others so no light passing through the envelope would reveal its secret.  Foiled again!  So, I waited.  Because it was Friday of Labor Day weekend, Greg got stuck in Atlanta traffic on the way home, and I waited.  It was worth the wait, though, because upon opening the envelope, this is what we saw:

More later on what Noah is doing to celebrate…

Football means it’s fall indeed!

In my opinion, the beginning of fall can’t be marked by a day on the calendar.  Rather, it is signalled by the beginning of football season.  Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not a sports fan by any stretch.  In fact, I do my best to avoid watching most sports.  But there is something I love about the beginning of football season.  Maybe it’s the team spirit and the flags; or maybe it means that cooler weather is right around the corner.  Either way, there’s something special about this time of year.

Now, it’s been suggested that our “little” chunk may have a career as a linebacker if he continues on his growth curve.  Football is big in Georgia, but Noah has a different team in mind: “ON WISCONSIN!”

Pigskin tastes yummy! What do you mean the real footballs aren’t fluffy with smiley faces?!

Nice pass!



Just a sidebar…as if sprouting new teeth yesterday wasn’t enough, Noah also FINALLY rolled over from his back to tummy AND he crawled.  These pictures are for Kim to show her that he’s crawling/scooting just like Emma and Grant – wounded soldier / gorilla crawl.  Noah must have heard the recruiters were in town…

I can get it!


Hey, if the football thing doesn’t pan out, Bucky Badger may be out of a job.  This guy’s way cuter!


“Looks like we made it!”

The first tooth has emerged!!!  Yes, it’s here!  After more than 3 months of drooling, chomping, gnawing, crying, chewing and general malaise, the first tooth finally poked through the surface!  Okay, maybe I helped it along a little by prodding around in Noah’s mouth every 30 minutes to see if it was finally going to show itself.  Of course I tried to capture the little white gem on camera, but to no avail.  I’m sure it will remain elusive for several weeks yet, but for now, a walk down teething memory lane (humming Barry Manilow’s “Looks Like We Made It”):

And now onto another Barry Manilow hit…”Can’t smile without you!”

A walk through the ‘hood

To celebrate Fay’s departure, we went on a walk today with neighbor Miss Stephanie.  It’s a scorcher (92 degrees), but it’s so nice to see the sunshine, you almost don’t notice the heat (I said almost)!  The loop around the neighborhood is about 2.5 miles with some good hills (not to mention pushing the chunky monkey in the stroller), so we had a good workout, too 🙂

Noah and Miss Stephanie ready to go walking

A break for rehydration – riding in this stroller is a lot of work!

Ahhh – water!


It was a lot of fun.  We’ll do it again soon, Steph!

Noah’s First Playgroup

Noah hosted his first neighborhood playgroup today.  It’s fun to think that these kids could all eventually go to school together.  Originally, there were 5 kids (including Noah), but Ben and his mommy had a rough morning, so they weren’t able to join us (see you guys next time).  So, as it turns out, it was Noah and 3 pretty ladies.  Boy, did he have fun! 

You mean I have to share my toys???

Oh, you didn’t say there were girls coming over.  Is my diaper showing?  This is so embarrassing!

Kelly (1 year old yesterday)

P.S. if she and Noah get married, she would be Kelly Fons!

Kelly playing – she was really on the move.  Keep up the good work, girl!

Ella Rae (6 months) – she is especially cute when she blows raspberries!

Ella Rae is sizing up the toys.  What a happy girl!

Mommy Jessica and Hailey (9 weeks)

Hailey on Noah’s play gym.  This little girl can sleep through anything!  Bless her heart; she had her 2 month shots this morning (which may have been harder on Jess!), and she was still a happy little girl. 


We’ll look forward to playing again next week!

Mmmm…biter biscuit!

Noah is finally taking to the Cheerios and learning to feed himself.   So, we decided to venture into the wheat biter biscuit.  Because it’s flavored with molasses, it’s a little sweet.  Noah loved it!  I loved watching him – it was hilarious, and he was a complete mess. Next time, he’s getting naked.

What’s this?

It looks a little funny

First taste…not so bad!

Getting messy (the biscuits dissolve and become one with his clothes).  Noah picks it up and holds it in his hand.  Meanwhile, he has forgotten it’s there – it’s stuck to his palm!


This is great!

Mushy mess.  A minute later he shot it out of his mouth while he was sucking it.

And the priceless finale: Pacey discovers that Noah isn’t so bad after all…especially when he makes a yummy mess.  Pacey thinks he’s being sneaky as he finishes off the biter biscuit: