Happy Half Birthday, Garrett!

(Well, a day late Winking smile )…



Noah’s New Bike!

As I mentioned, Noah got a new bike for his birthday.  This afternoon, Greg took Noah out for his inaugural ride!  Garrett is now riding Noah’s first bike – the tricycle! 


After riding around in the cul-de-sac, they went to the golf course, and Garrett discovered his calling:


What a fun Saturday afternoon!

6th Birthday Recap-Part 3 GREAT WOLF LODGE

So, Noah’s big birthday present this year was a trip to Great Wolf Lodge indoor water park in Concord (Charlotte), NC.  It was about a 3 hour drive from us, and we left early Sunday morning to get there.  The boys were so excited to go that they didn’t even mind the drive.


When we arrived, Daddy went to park the car, and the boys and I went inside to wait for him.  They had giant coloring sheets set up to occupy the kiddos.

IMG_8988Working on their masterpieces

IMG_8990Garrett ready to check in

(He is wearing the same Great Wolf shirt Noah wore when we came for his 2nd birthday trip)

Comparison to Noah 022010Noah, 2 years old

(You can see that blog here)

Aunt Connie and family live just a few minutes from this resort, so they planned to come have lunch with us before we hit the water park.  We explored the hotel a little bit while we waited.

IMG_8994Noah and Garrett having a sword fight in the gift shop

IMG_8996Wanting the dessert shop to be open

It was sort of a comedy of errors that led us to meeting up with Aunt Connie.  We spent a lot of time in the arcade, never knowing that they were upstairs waiting for us, and our phones didn’t work down in the arcade. Garrett lost one of his new crocs, and we had a search party underway to find the missing shoe when Cousin Joey found us down there. Sorry, guys!  Better late than never!

We had lunch in the Loose Moose Cottage, and it was very yummy!

IMG_9004Drinking Daddy’s water

IMG_9006Noah with Cousin Joey and his friend, Abby.

IMG_9009 Noah with Aunt Connie and Cousin Alex

Noah was excited to open more presents at lunch. He got a new bike, but rather than bring the bike, we wrapped up a picture of the bike inside several boxes. Noah got a kick out of opening them all. Thanks, Aunt Connie, Uncle Jimmy, Aunt Marge and Dave for the bike!! 

IMG_9011Another box

IMG_9014Noah opening his 4th or 5th box to get to the bike.

(Look at Garrett’s expression when Noah opened the box of cough syrup)

Noah also got some fun games from his cousins, including Operation and a matching game!! 

IMG_9019IMG_9023Thanks guys!

And we all got a big kick out of the present that was the EXACT SAME SHIRT he was already wearing.  What are the chances? Someone go buy a lottery ticket!!

IMG_9022This is actually the shirt that Noah listed as his favorite for his 20 questions – it glows in the dark!

After lunch, Alex, Joey and Abby had to leave, but Aunt Connie stayed around for a while to explore the MagiQuest game.  MagiQuest is one of the most fun things Great Wolf has to offer.  We had a magic wand for Noah from his previous trips, but Connie bought Noah a new BLUE wand, and Garrett got the old wand.  You pay a small fee to have the wand charged, and then you are given a book of clues to go on different scavenger hunt-type quests.  Wave your wand at an object, the enchanted objects do cool things like light up, open or talk to you, and the points are stored in your wand. When you find the right things in the right order, you can move onto the next quest.  Garrett’s wand just opened treasure chests and made things light up when he waved it, while Noah worked on specific quests.  It was so fun!



IMG_9030Garrett opened the chest!

Garrett got so tickled when his wand made this picture light up:

Noah and I really got into the quest (in between swimming), and by the time we left, we had finished the whole book and were named Master Magi!

IMG_6064Noah even ranked in the number of runes earned/quests completed!

(That says he earned 7 runes for the day)

So, now we get to the reason for the trip – THE WATERPARK! We weren’t sure what Garrett would think of the water as he wasn’t crazy about the pool this summer.  I think he liked it!

IMG_6015Noah was a very good big brother to show Garrett around the kiddie pool area



IMG_6034Going down a little slide.


IMG_6056It didn’t take Garrett long to figure out how to spray this!

Noah is now tall enough that he could ride every slide, and he did!! Even the scariest slide – the Howlin’ Tornado! He was very brave!

All that stair climbing, swimming and MagiQuesting makes for some tired little boys.  So, we got a pizza for dinner, dressed in jammies and went to the Lobby for the nightly story time and Clock Tower show.  There is an animated Clock Tower that plays a 15 minute show a few times a day.  The boys liked it, and it has really catchy music.

IMG_9045Watching the show with Daddy

IMG_9047Snuggles with Mommy

Monday morning, we woke up and had breakfast.  Noah and I worked some more on our MagiQuest, and then Aunt Connie came to swim with us. We had lunch, Noah and I finished our MagiQuest, and then sadly it was time to say goodbye to Great Wolf…for now!

But we’ll leave you with an obligatory picture with the big bear:


Thanks for a great time, Great Wolf Lodge! We hope to see you again, soon!

What you can do with a beanbag box…

We interrupt this birthday blog to bring you an innovative video from the birthday boy himself. 

The other day, a box arrived with a gift for Garrett – a beanbag chair!!  (Thanks, Grandpa, Christy and Regan!!)


Noah asked if he could have the box…he had an idea.  Did he ever:

Pretty smart, if you ask me Winking smile

6th Birthday Recap-Part 2

The week of Noah’s birthday was very unusual because of the weather.  On Tuesday, a snow storm came into Georgia, and the kids got sent home from school two hours early.  They were then home Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (Noah’s birthday). We had planned to be at Great Wolf Lodge (indoor water park) for Noah’s birthday, but we had to push it off a few days until the weather cleared up. 

So on Noah’s actual birthday, we decorated outside his room and the breakfast table – ready for a surprise Krispy Kreme Breakfast!

IMG_8944My friend, Anne, gave me this streamer idea back when Noah was turning one.  He loves waking up the surprise wall of streamers!

IMG_5958Party in the kitchen!

IMG_5959Ryder from Paw Patrol wishing Noah a happy birthday!



IMG_5965The birthday boy emerges!


IMG_8946Noah’s birthday was full of sweet treats, and this donut was just the beginning!


IMG_8953Daddy had also been off work since Tuesday afternoon, but on Noah’s birthday, they were called back to work, but with a late start.  We were thankful he was able to stay home a little while in the morning to enjoy the donut party.

IMG_8960Noah got this Busytown game from Garrett, and it was a big hit! We played it for a long time on Friday afternoon!

IMG_5975Noah chose to go to Chick-fil-a for his birthday lunch.  We ate and then he and Garrett played on the indoor playground.

IMG_5976After lunch we went to Sonic for grape slushes! (Are you getting the sugary theme?)

In between all the eating, Noah received several face time calls and regular calls from family and friends wishing him happy birthday. I loved seeing his smile every time he got a call – you all definitely made him feel special! Noah also declared himself “in charge” on his birthday, so (within reason) we did WHATEVER Noah chose to do … if he wanted to play a game, we played it; if he wanted to watch a TV show, we watched it.  It was fun not having to be in charge Winking smile 

Dinner was a relatively last-minute decision because we had thought we were going to be at Great Wolf for Noah’s birthday dinner. When I was telling him about choices of restaurants, I mentioned Golden Corral and the chocolate fountain they advertised.  (Okay, Mommy and Daddy like Golden Corral, too!)

IMG_5988Hungry? Just wait…

IMG_5989Noah’s dinner consisted of a taco, spaghetti, pizza, mac and cheese, corn (2 ways), green beans, mashed potatoes, anything you could put on a stick and dip into the chocolate fountain…oh, and a soft-serve ice cream cone.  He absolutely loved having so many choices!

IMG_5992Garrett enjoyed the diced ham and chocolate cake Winking smile 

IMG_5994Mmmm…chocolate fountain heaven!

We had saved one last gift for after dinner.  This one was from Aunt Gigi and Uncle Jeff:

IMG_8971New Crocs!

(Man, this kid has big feet!)

IMG_8974We also got Garrett a pair so he, too, would be ready for Great Wolf Lodge.  They were both so excited they slept with their shoes that night!

Because we had SOOOOO much to eat at Golden Corral for dinner, we decided to bump the cupcake eating to the next day. No worries, it was just as yummy!

IMG_8980Make a wish!


IMG_8983Garrett is hoping for a repeat of last night’s chocolate cake!

As Noah was getting ready for bed on his birthday, he said, “This birthday has been better than awesome!” Well, we can’t ask for much more than that, can we?

6th Birthday Recap–Part 1

Noah’s sixth birthday celebration started a couple weeks early because Nana was in town and, well, why not celebrate??  While Noah was at school, we decorated the playroom.  When he got home, we blindfolded him and brought him upstairs for a surprise party!




IMG_8924Noah’s big present from Nana and Papa was an Xbox and Kinect sensor!! Super fun!!

So, we had a pizza party complete with ice cream pie and played Xbox for hours! 

IMG_8928Make a wish!

Here is a video of Noah playing the next day (and Garrett wanting to play along):

If you have never seen how this works, the sensor detects the player, and everything is done by your own body movement – no handheld controllers.  Here, Noah is playing “Downhill Dodge”. It’s a lot of fun!

Stay tuned for more birthday fun!