Thanksgiving Warm-up

Every year, our neighborhood has a “Thanksgiving Warm-up” meal to get ready for the big day.  It seems this year that we’ve already warmed up for the warm-up with Noah’s other activities this week ;) It was nice to see a lot of our friends from the neighborhood .  Noah was so excited to see his girls that he didn’t eat, but he did run a lot!


IMG_9855 Ready to go!


IMG_9878 Noah with Alden and Ella Rae


IMG_9888 Noah and the girls


IMG_9889 Some carolers from the local high school came for the neighborhood tree lighting in between the early seating and the late seating.  It was beautiful!


Okay, I think we’re ready for the real turkey now!

The New Captain Underpants?

I’ve had a little head cold, and so rather than letting me sleep in, Noah woke me up this morning by knocking on his bedroom door.  He was ready for the day!  When I got in there, he was naked, wearing only his underwear on his head!   Laughter really is the best medicine – I feel much better!



Deck the Halls

Yes, I know it’s only the middle of November (barely), but I was just itching to get the Christmas decorations up, so that’s what we did over the weekend.  Poor Noah is going to be confused about the order of the holidays, but hopefully he’ll pick up on it as we go along. 

 IMG_9793 Daddy showed Noah how there are numbers on each branch to tell where it goes.


IMG_9795 Noah reading the number on his branch.


IMG_9797 He was a big helper and like to sort the branches and hand them to Mommy.


Miraculously, the tree was up with lights on it when Noah woke up Saturday morning.  Then Noah got to decorate the tree!



Hanging his first ornament



Mommy helping place a choo choo from when Daddy was a little boy


IMG_9816 The finished tree


Now can we start baking cookies?

Gobble Gobble

This morning’s “Mommy and Me” was the first of a few Thanksgiving celebrations we will be having.  Ms. Nancy made headbands for the kids to be a Pilgrim, Indian or Turkey…Noah chose the turkey.  As usual, Noah’s favorite part was doing the craft (or playing with glue sticks), but we also had fun learning about why to be thankful, counting turkeys, singing songs and eating our Thanksgiving feast!


IMG_9812 Me and my little turkey


Last Saturday we took Noah bowling for the first time.  We had SO much fun!

 IMG_9754 Noah picked out his ball (6#), but he eventually chose to play with Daddy’s much heavier, blue ball.


IMG_9757 Let’s bowl!


IMG_9758 Noah’s first roll

(We got a ramp and bumpers to help make it easier)




IMG_9767 This frame Noah rolled his ball before the pins were ready.  So his ball bumped the bar and rolled back….very, very slowly.  This is Noah and Daddy waiting for the ball to come back down the lane!

Greg and I tied, and Noah came in third ;)


After bowling, we took Noah to get new shoes. He went from a size 9 to a 10 1/2!!

Of course we had to stop by the choo choo at the mall!


IMG_9775 All aboard!



And no trip to Nordstrom is complete without a ride on the escalator. 

Our very own sitcom

If you’ve ever watched the show “The Middle”, you’ve probably laughed a little at the youngest son, Brick, who has something “a little off” that no one can quiet label.  I laugh because he’s quirky, but also because I secretly hope that Noah doesn’t develop habits like Brick: whispering to himself or putting his head into his new backpack at school (to see if it had the same echo as the old backpack).  Imagine my shock when I walked into the kitchen to see Noah wandering around, bumping into things because, you guessed it, he was wearing his backpack!

IMG_9785 Hey, it’s dark in here!


IMG_9781Bumping into the corner


IMG_9783 Heading straight for the stove! 

Uh oh!  Time to take the backpack off!


While Noah was pulling his Candy Land game out of the drawer, he spied Mommy’s Scrabble game.  My first thought was “oh no – don’t touch!” but then I reconsidered and decided to turn it into a learning experience.  He loves it – just like Mommy :)

 IMG_9728 I can make a choo choo with these tiles


IMG_9731“ Look at all the letters I have!”



Almost right…


IMG_9733 He found his mistake



Yay, Noah!

(It’s days like today we’re thankful our last name isn’t Stupakiewicz!  Love you Mom and Joe ;) )

“F” is for FIRETRUCK!

At Mommy and Me this week, we learned about the letter “F”.  We talked about footballs, flags, fans, feathers, but the most exciting part was the FIRETRUCK!  Our friends’ daddy  is a fireman, so Mr. Jason came to talk to us about fire safety, and they even brought the truck for us to explore!  The ambulance was out helping someone, so we didn’t get to see it, but maybe next time. 

 IMG_9738 William and Matthew with their daddy (or is it Matthew and William?)


IMG_9739 I’m thinking he’s gotta grow a little bit…


IMG_9740 “Wow – I’m driving a weeeooo-weeeooo!”


IMG_9742 They assured me he couldn’t do any damage by climbing around ;)


IMG_9744 Checking out the hoses


IMG_9746 Noah with his friends Joshua and Sage



Blowing off some steam with Ella Rae


IMG_9748 “Hey Noah, wait for me!”


IMG_9751 Noah: “I heard they’re going to turn on the water! Follow me!”



“Ooh Mama, that BIG”