Alfred Hitchsock

Noah really enjoys playing with puppets at Gymboree so we made our very own sock puppet!   He told us his name is Alfie because he likes to sing the alphabet!



Meet my new friend, Alfie



(Did my mommy mention that she cut the ears off a stuffed bunny to glue on my sock puppet?!)

Road Rash

After we washed the car on Monday, Noah and I delivered dinner to a friend who just had a baby.  Since it was a nice day, I thought we would walk dinner over with the wagon.  What should have taken twenty minutes took an hour and a half!  Noah wanted to walk his school bus over there to show Baby Bella.  He tripped on the sidewalk and took a one-point landing on his face :(  After the tears, Noah took his time, one sidewalk square at a time, pushing his bus all the way. 

 IMG_7187 Focused!

(He would stop, put a couple pieces of dried grass in the bus, turn it upside-down and dump it on his head…walk a couple steps and repeat…)


IMG_7189 “Look Mommy!  An airplane!”


IMG_7191 “It flies through the sky!”


IMG_7192 Stopping to climb on some rocks



I guess it didn’t hurt that badly; he’s still smiling!


Bella didn’t get to see the bus because she was sleeping…maybe next time!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


May you always find blue skies above your head,

Shamrocks beneath your feet,

Laughter and joy aplenty,

Kindness from all you meet,

Good friends and kin to miss you

If ever you choose to roam,

And a path that’s been cleared by angels themselves

To carry you safely home.


~Old Irish Blessing~

Our sweet friend Ashley went to Ireland a few years ago and brought back a sweatshirt for Noah.  This is his third, and probably last, year wearing it.  Boy, has he grown!


Noah was 6 weeks old!


One year old!

  IMG_7224A little breakfast on the go – our big boy is 2!


Cheese! (and peanut butter on his face)


Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2010



Noah washes the car!

Last Monday, the weather was especially beautiful and spring-like. So Noah got his first lesson in washing cars!  He was so helpful and enjoyed using his blue sponge to scrub (blue is his favorite color).  We may put him to work for a neighborhood car wash ;)

 IMG_7179 Kitty was enjoying the nice weather.  We had the windows open to the screened porch so Kitty could go in and out freely. What a life!


IMG_7181 Happy helper!


IMG_7184 Testing the water to make sure it isn’t too hot



Noah was so concerned that our water got dirty!


Of course, like Murphy’s Law dictates, it rained the next day!

Noah learns to share (sort of)…

Being an only child, Noah doesn’t get much opportunity to share his things.  That’s why we think playing with friends is so important.  Tuesday afternoon, we went to play with Noah’s buddy, Coleson, and Noah refused to share a favorite toy.  We had a long talk about sharing when we got home and practiced taking turns.  Certain that Noah took my words to heart, I was surprised to see this picture that Coleson’s mommy took when Noah went over there again this afternoon.  She assures me that Noah was handing this toy to Coleson even though the picture looks like Noah’s a big bully!


Coleson&Noah31110_006 I have to laugh that even the picture on Noah’s shirt is a guy with a black eye!


Noah31110 034

I promise to try harder next time!

Pay attention, Mommy!

The other day, I was working on something on the computer while Noah played at the sink.  He sure knows how to get my attention!





“I think I need just a couple more pieces”



“Clean up, clean up…”

Snowy Picnic

Monday it was 60 and sunny, so I thought maybe Noah and I could have a picnic in the back yard today.  Mother Nature had a different idea for us!  We are supposed to get about 4 inches of snow today.  So, after Noah’s 2 year check-up at the doc this morning, we hunkered down and watched the snow fall.  We did have a picnic lunch, but in our study instead!


  IMG_7148 String cheese, hot dogs and blueberries – my favorite things!



Picnics are fun!


Oh, and Noah had a good check-up at the doctor (no shots today!).  He weighs 31.5 lb and is 3 feet tall (in the 80th percentile for both)

Reading is dangerous!

Noah got a book for his birthday from his Aunt Connie - 


He loves all the pictures in this book so much that he tells stories about his friends in the book.  For example, there is a guy whose car turned over, and Noah woke up in the middle of the night worried about him.  We had to reassure him that the guy was okay.  While Noah knows he’s not supposed to get out of his big boy bed, oftentimes I hear the pitter patter of his little feet in his room as he climbs out of bed to get his favorite book.  This morning when I went in to get him, he was talking to the “Blue Guy” in his book, and he told me the guy gave him a paper cut.  Sure enough he did – right across his cheek!


Who knew reading could be so dangerous?!